GamersPlatform: Tetris Party Review

GamersPlatform writes: "To play the game, you hold the controller on its side, in the "classic" formation. Press the D-pad left and right to move a tetromino, and you can press down to make it slide down faster, and up to do a hard drop, which will send it immediately to the bottom. You can use the 1 and 2 buttons to rotate the blocks, and B to hold a block. In Tetris Party, you are given the ability to hold a single block, which you can then use later, so if you come upon a line tetromino, but don't want to use it yet, you can hold it for later domination. And you are also given a little queue that shows about 5 of the upcoming pieces so you can build up a strategy. Another useful feature that you have at your disposal is a "ghost" of the tetromino, which shows you where it will land at that point, which makes it very easy to judge where that baby will land if you want to just do a hard drop".

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