[Updated] Resistance 2 EU Beta Codes from IGN (Round 2)

For EU only!! Be quick :D
Sorry.. Too slow to post here.. There was around 1500 more codes. Already gone, just took 15 minuttes.

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Johnny Rotten3700d ago

but I just got accepted through Sony's email last night!

Still_Breathing3700d ago

Just opened my e-mail this morning.
Found out I got an invite.

marcindpol3700d ago

i fcuking hate the codes!

simply i will not buy any game without trying it first, no demo no money for Sony!!!

example: LBP!

DeZimatoR3700d ago

I take it you just bought Warhawk? Because that game has been out for over a year now but only just got a demo released...

BTW, you're going to be missing out on two of the best games of the year if you don't buy LBP and R2.

But whatever, your loss.

Fishy Fingers3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I got an e-mail from Playstayion Underground with a beta key this morning. Check your e-mails guys if you applied.

I maybe coming into a spare code soon, if I do, I'll share it here.

dro3700d ago

i got a beta long time ago and all i have to say is the coop RULES...if u can find a beta shoot em up game that will give u this much fun online this year i will break my ps3(and im serious)

and thats not even the 30v30 battles, if u think cod4 was fun wait till u try this, that pacing is so much faster and there are more place for u to hide and snip!!!!

R2 is getting the award for best multiplayer game.

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The story is too old to be commented.