Gears of War 2 Filled with Glitches

Gears of War 2 has been available for a few days to a small percentage of gamers that have a modded xbox and tons of glitches have been popping up recently on youtube. Many of those will give you advantages over the opponent therefore ruining the Online Multiplayer experienced for many. This is just the beggining of the glitches that will be found.


A few weeks before the game releases they start making the millions of copies of the disks in factories and some of those employees steal them and rip them into their computer and upload them to the Internet thats how I know this comes from an exact copy of the retail version. Either way look at the good side of this if Epic notices all this glitches they might have a patch ready by the time the game comes out.

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^_^3681d ago

||another xbox 360 game with too many flaws||

elshimiablo3681d ago

Fable 2 flopped

Gears 2 is next

Shaka2K63681d ago

tears of war 1.5 looks like trash though the water sucks and all the gayness i mean grayness is so annoying.

thebigtarget13681d ago

number 1: these people are playing on modded xboxs not unmodded ones making for glitches
number 2: elshimiablo i bet you never even played fable 2 because it is awesome!

Zerodin3681d ago

SOCOM ya yellow sucker.

lsbu4gaming3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

To: elshimiablo.


from elshimiablo
"AAA and Fable2??
Fable 2 is 89% at metacritic . so not an AAA"

and Gears 2 will pwn your ass. jealous because we Xbox 360 has AAA+ titles wahahahha

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3681d ago

'xPatchBox 360'!!! ;-D

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nonAsianDroid3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

everybody is telling you to suck there b*lls


3680d ago
nonAsianDroid3680d ago

go ahead let all your anger out droid ^^

Flop Runs Deep3680d ago

It's definitely a flop,the ending was terrible and the game has too many glitches

FAQS3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

At Sir Ken:
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Yoma3680d ago

lol GeOW plays with lagg on your "lagg free" xbox lagg service... and it costs too.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3680d ago

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Pain3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Only Xbox 2 game's get the AAA and the even better AAAA. but Gears be sucktasticas as it is, it takes the cake and gets AAAAA.

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PirateThom3681d ago

If these are modded, couldn't that be why it's glitchy?

Vip3r3681d ago

I think "modded xboxes" will just mean they are chipped to play dodgy copied games.

PirateThom3681d ago

That's what I mean though.

Copies/burned games do sometimes have glitches.

oriol0033681d ago

If the game has been leaked it means that the Retail disc was copied to a computer and shared in torrent sites. The Leaked version is the final version because right now all they are doing is making discs to sell the game is done all they can do is make patches so once the game comes out people can download them from xbox live.

GiantEnemyCrab3681d ago

So now the pirated versions on peoples modified(see screwed with) consoles are valid for bug reports? I mean these people are burning onto their own media so who knows what kind of problems can occur in that process.

Why don't we at least wait till the retail is out, in the meantime you haters can sharpen your pitchforks.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3681d ago


You know it.I'm sharpening my pitchfork right now


Xi3681d ago

There's no way to know what version they are playing, the game could've been stolen anytime during the production stage when a black disc (what ever they call the discs they use during beta/alpha/development/ or review/hands on discs) is available.

but it is likely that they are playing a retail or review disc to.

jaysquared3681d ago

If you have a modded xbox and got a burnt copy of GoW2 and playing it online then you can pretty much say goodbye to your XBL account. M$ will be banning you when the time comes!

hazeblaze3681d ago

That shouldn't be the reason... a mod'd box usually just means you can play pirated games... I've never seen it effect the quality of the game. But that's kind of ridiculous actually... that CAN'T be what the retail game will be like. If so, InstaFail online... At the very least, hopefully the glitchiness isn't as common as these vids make them appear!

Bonsai12143681d ago

by the looks of it, the glitch is just exploiting the cover system. like the long jump one, he was sucked to the far wall, covered, then fell because there was no ground. just a result of bad programing. its the same case with the weapon pickup one.

i probably won't play the game anyways..

gw4k3681d ago

To mod a 360 it is actually very simple. All you have to do is flash the DVD drive's firmware (not the systems). This way it will read all media discs...including dvdrs.

I have a friend that has one....Let me tell you, Fallout 3 is awesome!

dexterwang3680d ago

Wow you guys are really ignorant about the 360 pirate scene

1. Out of the 5 360 games leaked weeks early recently, aka fallout3, dead space, fable 2 etc, all were retail codes. Piraters who post alpha or beta codes are usually found out and flamed

2. Modded 360's only have their DVD drives flashed... any problems are only slow downs and freezing due to a bad burn. Most 360 modders know which type of DVDs to use and what programs to burn them with to avoid those problems.

Anyways I've tried the game at my friend's house and it wasn't as bad as the video seemed, I think I only noticed one small glitch with the weird hopping in the 1 hr I played the game. So chill people, I'm sure epic will have a patch ready soon.

f7897903680d ago

Doing so lets the developer ship earlier or not force their employees to work an 18 hours a day a few weeks before going gold.

Xelai3680d ago

Pirates are sad, but also is very sad Epic releases a glitched game that will ruin the online experience for everyone. Well, we all know they have a back record of releasing games with annoying glitches and never patching them, so lets hope this does not happen this time.
Could they please learn something from Bungie for example?

BWS19823680d ago

to see a cumulative idea of what's going on, this all very well may be valid, but to me, it's jumping the gun. Again, I could be wrong, but for me to make up my mind on "Epic fail!!!111!!" I need more proof than pre-released copies that are touted as being identical to what I could purchase in a month.

Tarasque3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

First off, you can't play online with a modded xbox. And secondly i am not worried about it, sure all games have bug's.

Millah3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

LOL wow you kids are retards about the pirate scene in general. "Modding" it doesn't do anything to the system and the stability of it and games, and ever more so with the 360 because its not even technically modding since you don't need to solder a mod chip. All you do is "flash" the disc drive and install a hacked version of the firmware that allows DVD-Rs to be read.

The only thing that can be affected from burnt games are slow load times and the disc not being read occasionally, but that has to do with how fast they burn and what brand of disc they use. Most modders already know which brand is the best and stick to that and they probably don't burn at above 1X because thats when you get those problems. BUT regardless of either of those two things, it will not magically create glitches in a retail build.

Practically every game that leaks online are RETAIL builds, I don't know why you guys think this is like a developers copy or something because that would never get leaked seeing as the developers aren't going to leak their own game in progress. When games go Gold, that means its finished and so they start pressing the games to discs, then someone who works at one of these places that either manufactures the games or one of the stores that get them early will steal the game and leak it online.

ALSO yes you can play modded 360s and pirated games on Live, you have to patch the game disc with some kind of thing first before you can go online tho, I don't really know what it is but I know that people do it.

I don't know if you guys are just wishful thinkers or completely ignorant about pirating in general, but yea thats how things work, so if the leaked RETAIL build has these glitches, thats the exact same thing you will find when you buy the game unless they release a patch before then.

Yoma3680d ago


But it looks like lagg.

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masterg3680d ago

Gears 1 took months before they made the first patch which took care of alot of glitches, but created new ones.
Was hoping it would not be like this this time around.
Still day 1 for me.

Kill Crow3680d ago

The is new copy prtection software which works by deliberately inserting Fake scratch errors on the master copy of a Disc. When anyone copies it, their burning software usually skips or attempts to recover the bad data (remember it's fake and has nothing to do with the actual data itself.

So the copied discs appear to be error free. However, the real software can now tell it is a copy because the faked errors are not there anymore. The suggestion i nthe article I read on the matter was that rather than just stop working, the software would introduce glitches.

Seems like the most likely cause of events here !

callahan093680d ago

Who knows, but we'll all find out. The first Gears of War had its fair share of glitches. A couple of game-ending glitches online really annoywed me once or twice, especially when gamers would get the sniper rifle and purposefully exploit the "off-the-map" glitch and go hide somewhere that's technically not supposed to be possible to reach, and then start sniping people off. It ruined the game for me, eventually. Dunno if it was ever patched, but I played the game for a good 5 months online and during that entire time it was never patched.

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oriol0033681d ago

This is the Retail version don't you guys get it. Its an Exact Copy of the Retail version nothing has been modified.

GiantEnemyCrab3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Maybe you don't get that a persons burner and the media they use can absolutely effect a game.

I don't care what this was stolen from, it's not a retail copy and not news.

EDIT: OnslaughtX, excellent response and you are correct some of the "glitches" described here could be in the game but I have no way of verifying where the source of this pirated copy camee from it could be a review copy for all we know. But yes, if it's patched quickly then no problems.

DiabloRising3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Crab is right to an extent. It really depends on where this source file is coming from. If it is a retail copy of the disc, chances are a lot of these bugs are going to keep happening. If its occlusion, slowdown, screen tearing, etc, the burner isn't going to affect that. If its things like loading time, accessing menus, etc. THAT can be affected by the burner.

No need to tear down a solid sequel before it's even released though.

Also, every game has bugs. It's just a fact of life. The question is, are they game breaking? And if so, will they be patched? That's what matters.

Crab - Yup. There's no reason for people to freak out. If its a gameplay bug, chances are its gonna be fixed. Visual bugs happen, especially on holiday releases that are expected out on a certain date. Just the way it is.

IdleLeeSiuLung3681d ago

There is no proof that this is a retail version or ripped from one for that matter. For all you know this could have been a stolen beta version.

The previous game did have a crapload of glitches though.... but hold your judgement until the game is released.

hazeblaze3681d ago

Copying a game cannot effect it's code!!! If it was pirated from a retail copy, then those problems exist in the retail copy as well. The only hope is that this comes from some early build or something!!!

pumpkinpunker3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

whatever. buddy. an old beta version has been leaked for awhile now. haven't you been paying attention to N4G? stop acting like you know it all when you can't even get basic facts straight.

leyego3681d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

they'll patch it so who gives a sh!t. ban the online early commers patch it and its done.
unless u have a modded 360 with no xboxlive then ur pretty much safe.

edit: btw crab, ur either still just a kid or really stupid when it comes to computers.
burning a game doesn't cause it to have errors if u do it correctly (which 100% of all console prites know how to do). how the hell do u think they make 1mil copies of a game from one retail copy obtained for the devs? its the same process except put into the laps of the common user. so blaming these bugs on the burning media just shows how stupid u are when it comes to computers.

mpmaley3680d ago

No reason to disagree w/ you, don't know why they are. The game is gold already and they just don't know that 360s can play pirated games and those pirated games can be played on Live. I know 4 people that do it and have done it for over a year.

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jackdoe3681d ago

Serves those motherfvcking pirates. Anyway, I'm sure those glitches will be ironed out for paying customers.

Harri44443680d ago

if their is one glitch their is 1000 more. it is going to be very hard to get 1000 glitches ironed out.

gijose3680d ago

there are glitches in every game. QFT.

name me one game EVER that has no glitches whatsoever?

athlon7703680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Pong, you know, the final version after they fixed all the glitches...