Forza Horizon 4 review: comfortably Xbox’s best 2018 exclusive - VG247

James O'Connor: "Five years into the current console cycle, Forza Horizon has emerged as the unlikely hero of the Xbox One line-up."

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DarkVoyager81d ago

“Forza Horizon 4 review: comfortably Xbox’s best 2018 exclusive - VG247“

That’s is an easy task. But true.

Krangs_Uncle81d ago

It's even easier when 5 out of 8 of the perfect review scores are from MS shill sites.

It does look fantastic though...

81d ago
Krangs_Uncle81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

What's so hard to understand? MS shill sites bloat the scores of MS exclusives massively on Metacritic, especially this one...

It doesn't take away from the fact it's probably the best racer this gen, but MS sites were trying particularly hard with this one.

81d ago
Krangs_Uncle81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

"What are "MS Sites" anyways? lol."

MondoXbox, WIndows Central, Generaction Xbox, TrueAchievements, SomosXbox - It's all in the name, lol.

To be honest, debating this with someone, when it perfectly fits their agenda is futile...

Tomb Raider is a perfect example.. It is 5 points higher than the PS4 reviews due to MS shill sites bloating the scores.... The same can be said for SOT, SOD and countless others..

The top 5 reviews for each is bloated with MS sites desperate to boost the scores.

There is no contradiction, the MS sites should fall in line with what other reviewers are saying on a general level..

This tactic spanning over all of the games promoted by, or exclusive to MS is not a coincidence, and has a clear motive.

Neonridr81d ago

@Krangs_Uncle - so basically you don't think it deserves it? Or are you just upset in general?

Neonridr81d ago

"it's probably the best racer this gen".. "score is bloated"


Krangs_Uncle81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I'm not upset, at all.. lol.

I'm just providing facts - if you feel to refute them then that's up to you. You can't though.

The scores for this game and others are bloated by MS sites, and are abnormally high for games that suit MS's interests. MS sites reviews do no fall in line with the general consensus.

This would only have 3 perfect reviews without MS's 5 perfect reviews.

Next time don't twist my words either... I said the score is bloated by MS, not by other sites.. It is not normal to have 4 out of 5 of the top reviews by MS sites. Doesn't mean it can't be the best racer of this gen.

Your love for MS is showing... Even though you desperately claim to be neutral.

obidanshinobi81d ago

Sony has it's shill sites too - Dualshockers, Playstation Lifestyle, PSX Extreme, Playstation Official Magazine, Push Square and there's some more out there.

Donnie8181d ago

All 3 console manufacturers have plenty of sites like this so it's not a big deal. Play the demo and you will see this game should get lots of love

Krangs_Uncle81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I understand that, but nowhere near as much comparatively. In fact, some of those sites are quite harsh/harsher on PS games.

It's not hard to go and look yourself.

To be honest, I'm not meaning to discredit the game intentionally... It looks amazing, but I find the MS sites disingenuous - more so than other publications dedicated to one platform.

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King_Noctis81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

You might want to take another look at your math:

Also, you mean only the big bad MS have “shill” site? Sony and Nintendo have none right?

yomfweeee81d ago

Everyone responding to Krang... "best racing game" and "bloated scores" are not mutually exclusive.

4 sites dedicated to Microsoft gave it a 100. A fifth site gave it a 98.

It would be the best racing game probably at even an 85 score, but that doesn't mean the 92 isn't bloated.

Krangs_Uncle81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

My math?

4 out of 8 perfect scores are MS sites (fair enough!), but the the top 4 out of 5 are MS sites

You might want to look at your reading comprehension regarding shill sites.. (read above).

ZeroX987680d ago

MS site or not, the game still looks amazing.

unfortunately I won't be able to play it on my PC yet since I'm in dire need of a good upgrade, but this is definitely a phenomenal title for MS fans.

Neonridr80d ago

@Krang - ironically enough I don't own an Xbox, so if I do get this game it will be for my PC. I just find it funny how you admit it's a great game, but then you have to asterisk it, like it should be known that some Xbox sites reviewed it well. That's like saying then that GT shouldn't be good because some Playstation sites gave it perfect scores? A good game is a good game. The game is getting great reviews across the board, so just let it be a great racer and be done with it.

LordoftheCritics80d ago

This way...

*Points at the door*

FloydianAndroid80d ago

Don’t be that guy lol if forza 4 was on PlayStation you’d be fine with the high scores. You don’t people are so insecure. You won the generation is that not enough lol

Kribwalker80d ago

🤣🤣 starting with this again? The games a masterpiece in the racing genre. It’s getting well deserved scores.

starchild80d ago

@ Krangs_Uncle

One could just as easily say that all the Sony fanboys in the media underrated Shadow of the Tomb Raider because they see it as competition to Uncharted and they can't stand games other than Sony exclusives getting too much positive recognition.

Gaming is filled with fanboys and that's yet another reason why I don't take metacritic average scores seriously.

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kneon81d ago

Is it on PC as well? If so then it's not really exclusive is it.

Chevalier81d ago

Also what other exclusives are there to really beat on Xbox? Its not like this year was loaded with them

TRU3_GAM3R81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Same as Ni oh Yakuza and other PS4 games

kneon81d ago


that's right. if it's on pc and console then it's not exclusive, regardless of which console that might be

CarlDechance81d ago

"Same as Ni oh Yakuza and other PS4 games"

SOME other PS4 games. Sony first party, obviously, are true PS4 exclusives. Microsoft first party are not. Not that it really matters as they are exclusive to Xbox or PC via Windows 10 store.

Neonridr80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

@kneon - MS has two platforms to service. That would be like saying if a game releases on PS4 and Vita then it's not an exclusive.

@Chevalier - doesn't change the fact that it's a great game. Regardless if there was very little competition. They didn't score it well because there were no other good racing games on Xbox.

Dragonscale80d ago

@neon, yeah but both Vita and PS4 are PlayStation platforms owned by Sony, PC is an open platform not owned by microsoft vis a vis the game is multiplat. You argument is a false equivalence and strawman. Xbox currently has no exclusives bar halo.

timotim80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It is an Xbox game on PC as well. In fact, the digital PC game is the digital console game...with a few options turned off.

Actually no. Not the same. Ya see when games like Ni Oh and Yakuza come to PC, they are apart of a different ecosystem altogether. Sony has nothing to do with those games on that platform. FH4 however, on both PC and console is still an Xbox game through and through. Microsoft has everything to do with both as its on both their platforms and they are publishing and selling on both. For Microsoft, it is only Xbox, regardless which platform...not so with those PS4/PC titles you mentioned.

Chevalier80d ago


Still doesn't change the fact there are no other real exclusives to compare to now does it? Playstation and Nintendo both have more AAA exclusives this year is fact. Forza is a great game, but, again what other exclusives are there even to compare against?

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Brazz81d ago

Whit all due respect, considering xbox other exclusives, this is like saying that a seven foot guy is the tallest among dwarfs.

rpvenom80d ago

What exclusives on xbox is it competing with?

super_bruno80d ago

"That’s is an easy task. But true."
- DarkVoyager

Haha! this is so true. They basically don't have too many exclusives.

gamer780480d ago

one of the best exclusives this generation, scores sitting above the recent Spiderman and just below God of War. Well done playground.

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AspiringProGenji81d ago

Well done. Solid scores as usual

Day 1!

Inzo81d ago

"comfortably Xbox’s best 2018 exclusive."

I am not bashing anyone, at least thats not my intention but that headline makes me feel bad for Xbox gamers.

Hyperstrada81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Unless your a car enthusiast or a racing game fan who plays on a xbox pretty much for the good racing games it has. Such as myself. No need to feel bad Inzo.

Gh05t81d ago

As an Xbox gamer my first thought was this feels like my grandmother telling me I am her favorite grandson... I am her only grandson.

blm50481d ago (Edited 81d ago )

We good son preciate the concern though we have so many games to play like all multiplat console games on Da Mighty X we play The legendary Nintendo games on the Switch we play Sony story base games on playstation but at the end of the day after all the Nintendo fun games and Sony story games Xbox is where the Big Boys play everything else

Fishy Fingers81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

With so many great PS games this year do the fans really need to get sassy and downplay this one for Xbox? Apparently so.

Godmars29081d ago

Not much point in playing it up either.

Fishy Fingers81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

None at all, the reviews are doing plenty of that already.

Neonridr80d ago

yeah, it's not like it's not a great racing game or anything, let's just keep the narrative going around these waters..

starchild80d ago

PC, Xbox, Nintendo and multiplatform games get downplayed left and right by the same camp. It's pathetic really.

rainslacker80d ago

I don't downplay forza myself. I actually think it's probably ms most well done and consistent franchises. Had a lot of fun with fh3.

CarlDechance81d ago

Comfortably Xbox's best franchise this generation. I don't think that is an exaggeration at all. Unfortunately, Forza Horizon isn't getting much competition though.

InKnight7s81d ago

Exactly since EA is destroying NFS with every new methods in each installments and lost in identity + always online + MTs, and pretty much other games are indies and sims. However, since last gen I think nothing can compete with FH except Midnight Club LA.

CarlDechance81d ago

Burnout Paradise was pretty awesome as well.