When did we forget people - not brands - make games?

From Eurogamer: "The downfall of Telltale, maker of The Walking Dead episodic series of games, sent shockwaves rippling through the video game industry. Over 200 people lost their jobs in one fell swoop. That's shocking enough, but here's the kicker: Telltale let these people go without giving them severance pay. This means hundreds of staff will struggle to pay rent, mortgages, or perhaps even feed their families. According to one former member of the team, some started at Telltale as recently as a week ago, and some of those people have children. At least one relocated across the country. The situation is heartbreaking."

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ArchangelMike81d ago

The whole situation sucks. It seems like the video game industry need unions (if it doesn't have them already). I'm sure even the US will have laws against exploitation. You can't fire people without severance and then pay a different set of people to come and finish the job.

On the other hand, from consumer point of view - this is why you should never buy a season pass. In other words don't pay for a promise. They may not be able to deliver and you won't get your money back.

strayanalog81d ago

Exactly. And you bring up a good point about season passes. Now that I think about it, season passes truly are empty promises and I can't help but relate it to the "guarantee fairy" in the movie Tommy Boy.