After Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, What Should Lara Croft Do Now?

Some may be wondering exactly what Shadow of the Tomb Raider means for the future of the series, and for the character of Lara Croft as well.

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PhoenixUp83d ago

She’s going to meet up with Noctis next

DarkVoyager83d ago

“After Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, What Should Lara Croft Do Now?”

Take a break.

CloudStrife90083d ago

Exactly this ^

I think she needs to sit out until at least mid next-gen. Soul Reaver, please?

UltraNova82d ago

I'm going to buy the eventual goty edition but from what I've seen and read so far yeah I'd say a long long break for this IP is overdue.

TheKingKratos82d ago

“After Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, What Should Lara Croft Do Now?”

Go to Nate Drake and admit to him that he is the best and she have a crash on him 😂

Shikoku82d ago (Edited 82d ago )


Mid-gen? Where the hell do you think this gen is? You do realize this gen is pretty much coming to and end right?

Lighter982d ago


He probably meant mid-nextgen.

CloudStrife90082d ago

@Shikoku as @Lighter9 said, I meant mid next-gen. I did say that in my original message.

Shikoku80d ago


my mistake. I retract my statement.

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StifflerK83d ago

Tomb Raider 2 Anniversary would be nice.

AnubisG82d ago

Hooefully going back to the roots. A remake of the first trilogy would be a dream come true.

-Foxtrot82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I'd love that, but make it better then what Anniversary offered.

Like I've said a 100 times an origin story of the original Lara Croft about her plane going down in the Himalayas killing her parents and fiancée (in the comics they gave her one, exactly the same story just added him) then having her story being told about surviving in the mountains for 2 weeks before finding a small village for help

How did she survive? We've never found out really they could do anything. The mountain range is mostly explored and you could easily have some secret underground tombs with supernatural elements to it with items such as guns or medkits found from fallen explorers over the decades. Would be fantastic to see.

AnubisG82d ago

That would be cool too. Anniversary was a reimagining of the first TR game. I would like a 1:1 remaster or remake like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro got.

robtion82d ago

What next? Isn't it obvious? An Uncharted vs Tomb Raider: Worlds Collide crossover style game.

Lara vs Drake they start out in competition searching for the same tomb but then realise the only way to beat the bad guys is if they team up and work together.

Cue obligatory flirting, love triangle with Elena, and a surprise cameo from Indiana Jones.

Day 1 buy ;)

UltraNova82d ago

I'd watch that yeah, but I would definitely not play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.