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Racing games have been a staple of video games since almost the beginning. Racing just seems to be a perfect fit for the medium.

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PhoenixUp79d ago

This has a 92 on Metacritic

These devs know how to treat Forza

Team_Litt79d ago

Perfection in racing has an old name. Forza.

purple10179d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Except for I just played the demo. And it handles like need for speed.

Wouldn't say thats perfect, far from.

Neonridr79d ago

the demo or the finished product?

timotim79d ago

You understand that its suppose to be an arcade racer right? One that you can adjust settings like traction control, ABS, steering, damage and the like...

Team_Litt79d ago

That's your bad for not making use of the option to switch off assists. Also, even in the default settings, the demo in no way feels like a Need for Speed game.

King_Noctis79d ago

“And it handles like need for speed. ”

Because....surprise suprise, it is an arcade racing game. If you want realism then go play the mainline Forza game.

blm50479d ago (Edited 79d ago )

it's a mix of both realism and arcade it's a masterpiece go play it

Elit3Nick79d ago

Except it doesn't handle like NFS, it's a simcade. While not as realistic as the mainline Forza games, the new suspension physics puts it much closer to them than any of the previous Horizon games, you can especially feel this with cars that have soft and raised suspension (the trophy truck in the demo actually lifts its inside front tire when it corners).

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Pantz79d ago

I think this is the right score