Makeover Needed: Sony's PlayStation PS3

Can people agree that Sony stumbled when it launched the PlayStation 3? Sales statistics can be looked at from many different angles and spun this way and that. But the bottom line, as any Sony fan should concede, is that the PlayStation brand has suffered an agonizing defeat, at least at this point in the current console war.

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elshimiablo3707d ago

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Lanoire3707d ago

And I see the most powerfull console in the next gen market with the best games line up that gamers have ever witnessed.

I see a console powered by the CELL processor, Blu Ray format, HDMI, WIFI, Bluetooth, SIXaxis and RUMBLE support.

I see a console which is going to stomp on the 360 with ease as it is only a miserable 5 million gap between 360 and PS3. A year ago, that lead was 10 million and even Halo 3, the 360s flagship title, did nothing to slow down the 900 pound gorilla PS3.

I see the PS3 selling 3M units more than the 360 in the same comparable timeframe. When the 360 was at this point last year, it was walking behind 3M units behind the PS3.

There is no denying that the 360 is quickly losing appeal and dying. Hence why frightened rats lowered their price for the 4th time in a year. Thats called desperation.

And it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that the PS3 has more and better exclusive deals thanks to its superb 1st and 2nd party developers while maintaining solid support from 3rd party developers.

I see a 360 which is basically on life support from 3rd party developers. Trying desperately to lure 3rd party developers while all the time not being able to distinguish itself from the PS3 due to lack of 1st and 2nd party support. I see a 360 struggling to keep 3rd party developers going multi platform yet unable to fill the holes with its 1st and 2nd party support.

I see no reason to purchase a 360 as every games on the 360 can be bought for the PC or PS3. But not every game on the PS3 can be found on the 360.

I see the 360 still 2 billion in red and a 3year warranty expiring in November. I predict a lot of angry xbots this holiday season.
The 360 is going to end dead last in this console war and everyone knows it.

By all measures, the PS3 wins hands down with its overall better functionality and options, wide range of appealing games, and being able to seperate itself from the "herd".

I see PS3 demand increasing while xbox demand dropping. I see xbox 360 selling 20 million consoles by the end of 2008. Which means the same 26 million original xbox owners bought the damn thing. Which also means noone else jumped in. I see a failure to attract and failure to expand. The future is Blu. The future is Playstation.

Keele3707d ago


Lets look at how many units Ps2 sold.. now look at how many units Ps3 sold..

Ps3 demand increasing? PLEASE.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3707d ago

The xBot Zombie Lemmings Try and Try to Destroy the MIGHTY PlayStation Brand!!!
But NEVER will!!! ;-D

'PLAY-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D

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+ Bloodmask just because the 'xBox 360' can't outsell the 'Wii' now it's cheaper in the U.S.of.A, you shouldn't take it out on us PS3 Fans and SONY and the PS3??? ;-D

Jdoki3707d ago

I don't agree with everything you said in that post Lanoire, but goddam if that's wasn't a rallying cry to all PS3 owners! Perhaps Sony should take it on as the company anthem!!! :)

Kratos Spartan3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I mean the PS2 and PS3 have both been out for 8 years

Oh man, I think I just had a Sarcasm;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3707d ago

Be careful of 'Keele' + 'nonAsianDroid' because they both PM'ed me saying 'SUCK MY B*LLS'!!! ;-D


Keele3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

That doesn't mean crap.

You see, he said the xbox's 20 mil went to the xbox360 but where is the ps3s 100mil+? Out of all that 100+ only 14mil hit the ps3.

Do you see what I'm saying here now? The Ps2 had a way larger fanbase than the xbox and despite its fanbase having much more people only 14 mil thats less than the xbox's fanbase went to the ps3.

Shows you how much ''demand'' there is.

Ken, it got old 3 posts ago. Shut the hell up.

It's always rinse & repeat with you.

Kratos Spartan3707d ago

so you expect all 140 million people to just buy the PS3 immediatley? If that happened, there would be no Wii, no 360, just PS3. Plus that is an impossible demand. It's been 2 years. 20 million and 140 million is a huge difference. The PS2 is still selling. Please stop, you're making a fool of yourself.

Keele3707d ago

I never said that, retard.

I said that out of all those people only 14 million bought a Ps3 whereas the people who bought an xbox according to HIM, 20mil, bought a 360.


Ofcourse the Ps2 is still selling because they don't want the Ps3.


Now, stop wasting my bubbles because you're too stupid to comprehend my damn post.

Kratos Spartan3706d ago

your post makes no sense. The PS3 has been out 2 years. No console can sell 100 million in 2 years. You are too young too understand this. All that name calling just proves it.

Yes, only 14 million bought a PS3 so far, in 2 years. And in 2 more years, it could double, and so on, and so get the picture? I hope so, cuz I cannot explain it any dumber.

Keele3706d ago

You know what? Let's just forget about it.

It's hopeless, you're such a damn idiot. Probably the biggest idiot I've seen so far.

The only reason you don't understand what I'm saying is because of your idiocy. You're too idiotic to comprehend a post I posted TWICE.

Keep looking at my posts, dumbass. Maybe it'll hit you if you read it over and over again.

Kratos Spartan3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

idiot idiocy idiotic idioticity

HAHA!!! You have no argument! That's why you resort to namecalling!!
You realize you make no sense!! Kratos for the win!!!


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lodossrage3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Where new, unheard of sites and blogs pop up to put their two cents in :)

This site (, just like many of the articles posted, you will only see for this ONE article and then it will fade into obscurity.

All I have to say is if the ps3 has the same price as the 360, watch all these "problems" fade away. Because to be blatantly honest, for the 360 to be a full $200 less, it should be outselling it by more than it is. But it's not. That should tell you all something. With the 360 outselling their main competitor by only about 30,000 a week is bad since they have the $200 less advantage

Mr_Bun3707d ago

It is funny to see Bloodmask spending so much time hunting out blogs which are anti-PS3. Too bad he can't spend it gaming!



higher pricetag for more capable hardware....and its selling well.
1 year delay.......and its selling well.
Bluray forced onto consumers.......bluray won the format war.
bluray not needed for games...........LOL.
internet browser.
streams audio/video for free
Bluray movies
bluetooth 2.0................socom bluetooth
UNpropietary storage..........SSD upgrade

Sh111t ...thats just what i can think of.

That up there alone makes the ps3 the bigger value and the best option.

zune,vista,xbox,360.......... OR..........itouch/p2, osx, ps2, ps3

falviousuk3707d ago

Where anonymous people sitting behind their computer screens can put in their 2 cents worth

much like this comment

ruibing3706d ago

One of the few reasons the 360 can enjoy price cuts worldwide is the high value of the yen and euro. When exporting, you always want to make cheap and sell high, so it's hard for Japan to cut prices when their yen is so high. Unless these articles provide a way to turn the US economy around, ignore them.

ultimolu3706d ago

Lol, damn straight Bun.
360 fans yap about how many games are on their system and yet they find the time to approve fanboy dribble like this.

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VampHuntD3707d ago

The PS3 has more built into it than the 360 does, that's why it costs more. It's a simple costs analysis and it will show that the PS3 costs more to make and has more cost-value. Subjective value is up to gamers. What Sony needs to do is show everyone that they want a PS3, then cost is no longer a factor.

Case in point, Microsoft. Even with the RRoD MS was able to flip the subject around and offer a warranty that basically says "Yup, you're going to get RRoD, but you still want the console!"

Sony has yet to make some of the gaming population really want the machine, which is why people complain about the price.

lodossrage3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

But cost is ALWAYS an issue.

Especially when the machines are similar. When you get your paycheck, you have to get pass $200 to get to $400.

Yeah, people know about the RROD, but the fact still remains people are willing to take that risk because as I said, you get to $200 before you get to $400.

And with people being pressed for cash now more than they have in years, price has become an even bigger concern

VampHuntD3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Yes it does make sense, but again, it's all about Value. People that buy 360s are 1 of 3 types, similar to other consoles. 1. Shopping for a present and knows nothing about the console (thus goes for the cheapest), A gamer that knows about the RROD and doesn't care (Cause MS has built value), and the gamer that has no idea.

Now when the RROD happens, which will be angry? The last one of course, but not that angry since MS will replace the system for free and the value is still there. My 360 somehow got banned and MS told me to buy a new one. I said no way cause the value isn't there for me but lots of others did just what they said.

Value overrides price. I know you've either seen or done this. You see something you want, let's say a new movie. You look at it, decide you want it but shouldn't set it down and walk away. About 5 steps later you turn around or stop and reconsider. You go back, take another look, justify why it's ok for you to get it now and then do so. Go to a major electronic store some weekend and sit in teh tv section people watching. You'll see that dance at least 3 times in a day I would be willing to guess. Why does it happen? Cause the value is worth more than the money they have. What's sad and why the nation's people are in debt, is because people routinely place that value over what they can afford. Yeah it's dumb, but it happens. And Sony should be the driving force behind making that happen.

lodossrage3707d ago

I see you and I can debate in circles.

For the most part, You're saying recognition of Value will overlap price. Whereas I'm saying that price will overlap recognition of Value.

But to be honest, when I think about it, both points are right. It really comes down to the individual which they'd choose.


Thats funny , becuz i never wanted a 360. november 2005 i turned down a free one..........

Theres millions of other people out there who own a ps2 positive they will not be buying a 360 when they upgrade. Not with the hw issues, monthly p2p charge and the lack of exclusives on the MS box.

ceedubya93707d ago

You'd be surprised at how many PS2 owners are now owners of 360s. There are many multiconsole owners out there, and believe it or not, things are a lot different now than what they were for the last generation.

Its very possible that the initial batch of PS2 owners that have upgraded have splintered off into Wii owners, or 360 owners, PS3 owners, or any combination of the 3. When prices come down more, this trend is just as likely to continue as any other scenario that we may assume. Its all up in the air at this point.

Competition is a lot better now than it was before, so it isn't safe to assume that people will automatically upgrade to the PS3 just because they had a PS2.

VampHuntD3707d ago

Yeah it does seem we're going in circles, but I agree, both sides are a part of the equation. In either case, Sony isn't doing all the should be doing. Bubbles for your well held case.

jerethdagryphon3707d ago

from what ican gather it also uses solid state caps , slightly more expensive but dont leak , un like ms 360 lots of small things add up on the costs

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Aclay3707d ago

The article stated that Sony needs to "ditch the Blu-ray player", but that makes absolutely no sense because 1st party PS3 games and PS3 exclusives take full advantage of Blu-ray. Blu-ray isn't just for movies because it's just as important in the game development for PS3 games as well. Guerrilla Games has said that the way that Killzone 2 is on the PS3 right now wouldn't even be possible without Blu-ray, and the same situation applies to MGS4, as well as other PS3 exclusives that utilize the Blu-ray space.

Microsoft has managed to get by with DVD, but even Rockstar Games has said that Microsoft needs to do something about the disc capacity issues and that should have been a BIG warning sign to Microsoft right there....maybe GTA5 being announced as a timed PS3 exclusive would make Microsoft do something about it.

I have to disagree with what guy in the article mentioned on how Sony should advertise... Sony wouldn't stoop that level. Sony is one of the most respected electronic giants on the planet and Sony has more class than that. If Sony did advertisments and tried to make the Wii look like a kiddy console or an inferior product, more people could generate disrepect towards Sony and could be turned off from the PS3, therefore hurting PS3 sales.

If the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 worldwide last year seling at $499 and $599 for most of 2007 with the $399 40GB PS3 introduced late 2007 and only having VERY few really good game releases, obviously that tells me that people are willing to pay more and that people defiantly want PS3's.

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski3707d ago

Ditch Blu-Ray? WOW!

This such a retarded article!

pp3707d ago

It requires more than a makeover more like sony should discontinue producing ps3's and save them selves from embarrassment.

she00win993707d ago

you sister needs a make-over after i dribbled her @ss..

DARKTRINITYxxx3706d ago

And i think you should take ure own advice pp and stop trolling on here.