Halo Infinite Must Address Its Microtransaction Controversy

A statement from 343 would go a long way toward helping calm concerns that the Xbox One and PC game will be a pay-to-win experience.

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PhoenixUp84d ago

Monster Hunter: World already showed publishers they can have a multiplayer game be extremely successful and not feature microtransactions. Getting good word of mouth goes a long way.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild went on to become the best selling game in the franchise and God of War 4 and Spider-Man also became the fastest selling exclusives in PlayStation history and neither title features microtransactions.

If only more developers learned from this lessons from these various examples. Microsoft’s flagship franchise prominently featuring microtranactions is an especially bad look for the Xbox brand.

Jinger84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild went on to become the best selling game in the franchise and God of War 4 and Spider-Man also became the fastest selling exclusives in PlayStation history and neither title features microtransactions."

While this may be true, do they make as much in the end as a game WITH MT's? That's what shareholders look at and hence why just about every game includes them. I mean EA makes a BILLION just off Madden Ultimate Team... That's not including sales of the game or anything, that is just off the MT's. I guarantee you none of those games you listed are making that much.

Not saying I want MT's littered in games, I very much appreciate Spider-Man being MT free, but unfortunately it's just the world we live in.

sawoosevens84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

This is a huge problem cause I hate the fact that investors are involved in video games because 8x out 10 games are ruined because of them and their disgusting greed.

cooperdnizzle84d ago

Yeah and if people keep spreading the word and more and more people stop buying them, well than it’s not “just the world we live in” trust me the hardcore games who are now in there 30’s and have been with the game industry from the begging are not going to let this one go.

84d ago
AspiringProGenji84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

We shouldn’t excuse this practice because of Shareholders. They are not gamers. It doesn’t matter SP games make less money for not including predatory practices than MP games. We shouldn’t let companies let get away so easily with this

After all, we are the consumer and without us there’s no business. With enough pushback we can change things... like how EA is in a lot shit right now because of loot boxes, and Boy do I enjoy that.

Besides all those games are still bringing s lot of money for Sony and Nintendo shareholders. I guess ES has the worst kind since we don’t see Sony or BigN games having MTs all the time

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Deeke84d ago

But this isn't how Microsoft operates. They're a service company first, and everything else comes second. The way they've planned things is to have all first-party games have some sort of online hook to ensure A) more money over time, B) more engagement and collecting tons of data/feedback from gamers, and C) experiment with new tech/methods to see what works and what doesn't.

Halo, like all future first-party Microsoft games, should have microtransactions/monetization in some form.

AspiringProGenji84d ago

Just Make a good game, and you’ll see ABC without having to put MTs in games like Sony and Nintendo do it

This service thing first and eveything else second is not good

DarXyde84d ago

This ignores a few things.

First, no budget is created equally. I would be massively surprised if Crackdown 3 wasn't basically pay to win. My assumption is the budget is massive and realistically they won't recuperate their losses.

Second, the games you mentioned have the benefit of being (a) The Legend of Zelda, (b) God of War, (c) Spiderman, and (d) Monster Hunter World. One of those is arguably Marvel's most popular superhero. One of those is on 2 platforms and is the newest entry in what is lauded by many as the greatest video game series of all time (obviously debatable, don't argue). One is a game that has been an extremely popular handheld title for a while and has now released on the major platform shareholders. Lastly, God of War is an excellent game with a strong following. It also released when PS4 has established a massive install base. A very high profile AAA exclusive sequel should certainly sell well.

My point? I'm not so sure that the successes should be attributed to the absence of microtransactions. I think it should work better for you to make a case using Horizon since it is a new IP with no microtransactions and sold on its own merit (and advertisement).

Dragonscale83d ago

Agreed to a point but its still pretty sad that ms have to resort to monetizing everything considering their financial clout. Your point about HZD shows that if you create a great game without the bullcrap it will sell well regardless. Unfortunately for ms this isn't so easy currently due to their lack of studios and faith in single player exclusives. Tbh even if xbox was winning this gen ms would still have the same attitude with mt's etc.

yarbie100084d ago

Microsoft needs to address why they only have 1 AAA game coming out this year after only having 2 last year (Halo Wars 2/Forza 7)

King_Noctis84d ago

They did have Sea of Thieves, a new IP at that.

xX-oldboy-Xx84d ago

He did say AAA - and what a disaster that 'game' was.

84d ago
Kribwalker84d ago

the game rated 7 points below GTsport, has had 2 expansion packs and another massive expansion due quickly, which is fixing the reason it got low review scores to start with and has over 5 million players

Hardly the disaster you are making it out to be

AspiringProGenji84d ago

Or you could say it also rated shit ton of points below Bloodborne, a 2015 game right @krib? Ah right You wouldn’t dare to compare SoT game with anything this year lol. You can det the bad as low as The Order if you want but that game was overhyped and was a disaster for MS this year

UltraNova84d ago


SoT was a massive flop as far as MS is concerned , wether you admit to it or not.

Unreal0184d ago


Please don't believe Sea of Thieves has over 5 million players, what rubbish. You'll barely find 100 people playing that.

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akbennyewu84d ago

Do you seriously need to alter the discussion away from the topic of the article at every moment?

TheCommentator84d ago

That's what people who don't really care about MS do when they come into MS related threads... start arguments.

UltraNova84d ago

For gamers of this type of games- on consoles I'd say yes it is, for the majority though no.

CarlDechance84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

AAA refers to the level of budget and promotion a game gets. I don't see Halo Wars 2 as AAA at all in that regard.

Jinger84d ago

Is all this still coming from that job listing? Good lord people are running with this. I'm sure it won't have anymore MT's then Halo 5 and definitely won't be P2W. Jesus, we literally know next to nothing about this game but ya'll want to already throw shade.

franwex84d ago

I cannot believe your downvotes. You just stated the truest comment I’ve seen in this site in weeks.

DrumBeat84d ago

He's speaking 'neutrally' about a Microsoft game on N4G. He's not in friendly territory. I've been here awhile, so I'm used to this lunacy. You should get used to it as well.

AspiringProGenji84d ago

N4G isn’t the only site talking about this. Open your eyes fanboy

CarlDechance84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"He's not in friendly territory."

Probably because there are twice as many PS4 gamers in the world as their are Xbox One gamers. So whine about n4g all you want, but unless you seek out a Xbox One fanboy haven, you will probably be outnumbered as an Xbox fan.

Why the hell anyone gives any attention to down/up votes anyway, I have no idea.

Jinger84d ago

It's pretty common around here. I'm use to it by now. I'll also get downvotes just on principle because people think I'm a MS shill and I work for EA because I don't support the hive mind around here. Despite me owning a PS4 Pro/PSVR/PSVita as well and saying Bloodborne and now Spider-Man are my top 2 favorite games this generation...

Word of advice, don't say anything remotely critical of God of War. You'll be crucified haha

CarlDechance83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

And by "crucified" he means you will get a downvote. The horror.

I recently made some negative remarks about Spider-man's side missions. I got downvoted. Who gives a shit? People who whine and cry about getting downvoted are worse than the people doing the downvoting.

Jinger83d ago


Funny coming from you considering you harassed me for an entire afternoon about GoW.

CarlDechance83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

@Jinger Xbox fans definitely seem to cry a lot when you are challenged. That is certain. Harassed? can just put your tissue box away stop trying to make a #metoo moment out of it. That conversation had next to nothing about God of War in it. You and a few other Xbox fanboys jumped into the convo yapping that same tired Xbox fanboy line about "emotional narratives" and you got called on it. Of course, you couldn't back up a word you said and repeatedly said to refer to your post history. the better advice to the OP is don't just start saying shit unless you know what you are talking about and are willing to back it up.

Jinger83d ago


lol okay buddy. Kinda reaching there with the 'crying' and starting a #metoo movement stuff. You know why it had next to no God of War involved in it? Because I didn't want to continue the argument with you which you were trying to instigate.

btw, did you ever go back through my history? Wanna talk about it?

CarlDechance83d ago (Edited 83d ago ), you are the one who started disagreeing with someone who expressed how much they loved God of War. I asked you questions and brought up points you REALLY did not want to answer. But seriously, I really have better things to do than discuss what you saw of GoW on youtube. Thanks tho.

Great time to stop this. I know you will keep going and going and going like you did last time when you supposedly "didn't want to", but any conversation with you will come back as being "harassed" and "crucified" later on. Only so much whining I can take from folks like you and DrumBeat. See ya!

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DrumBeat83d ago

Believe me, dude, I hear you. Honestly, I thought GoW was great, but it definitely wasn't perfect. The sections where you had to stop the gas with your axe were particularly annoying. For me, they disrupted the continuity and flow of the game. I did like the puzzle sections though. Nearly everything was done well in God of War.

DrumBeat83d ago

Replying to Carl, I made a cogent argument regarding the state of things on this site, and he replied to the effect of "No it isn't! You're wrong!" Lacking a solid rebuttal, he blocked me like a coward.

Now he's going to talk about "crying" when challenged. I'm not even an Xbox fanboy as he alleges. In fact, I despise fanboyism, but I also despise the current, lopsided climate here on N4G.

That said, I still enjoy the site and will be sticking around.

DrumBeat84d ago

I haven't been excited for a Halo game in years, but this Halo has bucked that trend. However, whenever I hear about microtransactions I instinctively cringe, no matter the game, even if they're non-invasive, intrusive, cosmetic only, etc.

cooperdnizzle84d ago

Let’s look at what we do know. The job listing and M$ history. For intelligent people this should be a no brainer. Most gamers are not dumb.

DrumBeat84d ago

I don't expect it to be any worse in this regard than Halo 5. I'm intelligent, and I'm in my 30's (you spoke of this above) yet I'm not going to spread unsubstantiated nonsense like you're doing.

I'm not a fan of MTs at all, but if they're non-intrusive and cosmetic only, I don't have an issue.

cooperdnizzle84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Well if you must know I think the cosmetic thing is a joke as well. You explaine to me what makes that okay. They build a game you buy said game, but now have to pay for some cosmetic item that cost them nothing to make. You can’t unlock them in game. It’s just funny to me.

DLC is better than cosmetic at least they have to sell something new that adds to the game. If the only way you can make money is to nickel and dime your coustomer, you’re in the wrong business. Build a product people want and you’re good. Simple as that.

Plus my comment holds more weight than yours considering they have put micro transactions in all of there published games the past 4 years.

DrumBeat84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"You explaine to me what makes that okay. They build a game you buy said game, but now have to pay for some cosmetic item that cost them nothing to make."

The answer is right here in your very own quote. They're cosmetic, and don't affect gameplay. Also, you don't HAVE to buy them.

I agree with your principle, though, when you talk about building a good product. Build a good product, and the people will come. Totally agreed.

Kribwalker84d ago

i didn’t mind it in Halo 5. Kept the free content coming and didn’t affect me one bit. That’s the kind i could live with

akbennyewu84d ago

Aren't we jumping to conclusions a little bit here? There was a job posting, that is literally all we know about it and absolutely nothing else. Can we please get a little more info and context before we grab our torches and pitchforks?

CaptainObvious87883d ago

It's ms, what else do you need to know?

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