Cloud Says: New FFVII Compilation Game On The Way?

A picture of Cloud with the words "Coming Soon" that was released a few days ago toyed with Final Fantasy fans all around the world, but while some speculated that it could mean the announcement of a Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Union disagree.

They think the image points more strongly towards the next installment in the Final Fantasy VII Compilation.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3702d ago

I can't wait until this rumor dies and either FFVII fans accept it or SE gives up.My money is on the first one

Rick Astley3702d ago

I don't even want a FFVII remake anymore. Square-Enix will just ruin it just like they've ruined their reputation. *Sigh* I miss Squaresoft.

Deviant3702d ago

Squaresoft ftw
Vagrant Story kicked so much ass :)

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3702d ago


I agree.Vagrant Story was a good one.Back then Squaresoft was at their peak of perfection

Lucreto3702d ago

There seems to be a lot more hate on SE lately. There was always some hate but that has increased. The FF XIII must have done that. I for one have increase my hate. They used to be my second favourite developers but now Naughty Dogs and Level 5 have filled that hole.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3702d ago


Actually the FFXIII thing,the DS milked remakes,the annoying unreasonable delays,closed theaters,and the lack of AAA games like back in the PS1/PS2 era.That is the reason for the dislike of SE

Lucreto3702d ago

Thoses are all valid but I don't mind the remakes. I got FF III which was never released in Europe and Chrono trigger for the same reason.

I will be getting Dragon Quest V as well.

Poirot93702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Well, almost everyone (see Big Massacre's comment # 19) seems to think that Square-eenix will NEVER remake FF7. I'm no insider, but I can practically GUARANTEE you that there will eventually be a remake of FF7. Why? Because not doing a remake could quite possibly be the WORST business decision Squeenix has EVER made (and that's saying something).

I understand that they are trying to maximize profits (see FF13 going multi-plat), but to suggest that FF7 won't be remade simply because it would likely be a Sony (PS3 or PS4 or maybe even PSP2) exclusive is illogical. No matter HOW poorly the console is doing, a remake of FF7 would cause sales to explode! It would sell hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of consoles and millions of games. And, it would be quite cheap to make, for a variety of reasons.

First, they have the story (arguably FF7's biggest selling point) entirely mapped out for them. The few necessary tweaks would be cheap. The same can be said for the gameplay (although non-turnbased seems the way of the future, I doubt they would change FF7 THAT drastically).

The only things they would really need to spend significant amounts of money on would be graphics and voice acting. But, of course, they already have upgraded character designs thanks to Advent Children. Ditto for voice actors. Really most of the work is done.

So, basically, it is GUARANTEED (100%) huge profits for them, regardless of what platform it's on. So, yeah, I would say that a remake is inevitable. Unless Squeenix are idiots... Which they might be. I don't know yet.

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CloudsEnd3702d ago

I guess it is Cloud Volume 2..

The DVD.

sinncross3702d ago

Actually after BC has been announced gamespot had an interviw with the guy heading the project and even he said that SE are considering more titles for the compilation.

As far as it goes, DoC's ending kinda gives it away that another title is needed. As for a remake.. would be cool, though uneeded (unless the PS3 fails to sell after LBP, WKC, FF13)

Miraak82 3702d ago

As long as sony owns the publishing rights to this game i'm happy, do what they want with xiii but vii stays with sony

Xi3702d ago

I don't think they ever owned them.

The game was published on PC by edios, and published in japan by squaresoft.

DevastationEve3702d ago

ff vii is old news. and squeenix is butchering the good name of it. sony doesn't own it, sony isn't even a person.

ff vii's story is owned by its script writer
its character designs are owned by its artist
the scenes are orchestrated by the director
the music is owned by the music director
the entire project is overseen by the producer

the entire division is (or should i say was) housed in squaresoft
if you miss the old squaresoft and want to see those familiar faces working on what they have to offer TODAY, buy mystwalker games. if you want the old FF7, buy a PS.

Samer3053702d ago

Published by sony computer entertainment
Developed by squaresoft
The link doesn't lie.

dimitry213702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

maybe it has something to do with the blue ray movie plus the final fantasy 13 demo i hope %}

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