Extreme Gamer: Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (translated into The Puppet Princess of Marl Kingdom in Japan) is a female driven narrative role-playing game. Having a female lead character is change from what we used to seeing with all the spiky haired male warriors that star in 99% of most role-playing games on the market. When Rhapsody was originally released in 2000 on the original Playstation it was a little fresher than eight years later in 2008. However, still to this day we don't have too many role-playing games developed with young girls in mind making Rhapsody an unique find. Besides the heavy text in Rhapsody this is a great adventure game to purchase for a young female gamer you might know. After all girl gamers can't all be animal crossing lovers."

* Great game for girl gamers
* Uncommon female driven narrative
* Simplistic combat for new gamers
* Improved loading and translation
* Easier to find then the original

* Strategy grid-based combat has been axed
* Game and gameplay is dated
* Short game length, under 10hrs
* Too simple for most RPG gamers

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