Das Gamer Interview: Blitz II Producer Jacob Beucler: "Caliendo Is A Beast"

Das Gamer writes: "Odds are that up to now no one has ever described comedian Frank Caliendo as "a beast." But in this second and final interview segment with Blitz The League II producer Jacob Beucler covering the celebrity talent behind Blitz II the phrase gets tossed into the mix. While Lawrence Taylor gets top billing, comedians Jay Mohr and Caliendo lent their voices to characters in the game. Peter Eagan, the writer behind ESPN's controversial Playmakers series, handled the script. Then there's the nameless crew crew of stunt men that spent a week knocking each other into oblivion so the victims writhe in pain in exactly the right way on screen.

Hit the jump to read what Beucler had to say about dodging an Adult Only rating, getting Caliendo to use his John Madden voice to stick it to EA and stunt men losing all sensation in their feet."

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