Telltale Games Closing: Giving Adventure Games Another Chance

By know, everyone likely knows about Telltale Games closing. While layoffs of any kind are sad, this also means that the adventure game is in decline.

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frostypants82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

These weren't adventure games in the traditional sense. They were a digital equivalent of the old choose-your-own-adventure style books, and were far less interactive than what most would consider adventure games.

porkChop82d ago

Adventure games are not in a decline.

Telltale was essentially rereleasing the same game over and over with very little gameplay variation. On top of that, the focus on choice was a farce because your choices didn't effect anything. Then there's the garbage, buggy sluggish engine they've been using for over a decade.

Telltale burning out their customers and refusing to listen does not mean that the entire genre is in decline.

rainslacker82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Yep. They were just wearing thin over time, because despite being different in different IP's, they were still all pretty much the same.

The illusion of choice ultimately came up thin, and usually ended with a single binary conclusion which was all that mattered....which is really about how all choice based games work.

That coupled with long waits between episodes, very few full releases on retail, and people just grew tired of it, or waited until they were all done to binge play the game, often times at rediculously low prices when brought on sale. I can't remember the last TT game I brought full price, but it was probably BTTF on PS4. The rest I brought in bundles for around $15

I think they just set their ambitions too high, and instead of progressing as they went forward, they stayed pretty stagnant, and hoped the strength of the IP's world be easy money. But once the novelty of TWD wore off, people just werent that excited for their games as much anymore. None were really must haves.

Tross82d ago

Telltale abandoned adventure games years ago in favour of branching stories based on licensed IPs. The genre isn't in decline as they weren't involved with it. I would like if someone bought them out and produced a new Monkey Island or Sam and Max game or something. Actually, I didn't mind the format Telltale pursued in recent years. Perhaps it was in need of being reinvigorated, but if Telltale pursues a buyout the right company could set things right. It sounds like they're just wanting to close their doors though...

gtxgamer282d ago

Rip wolf among us. Was looking forward to the next chapter