PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Switch: Which is Most Consumer Friendly?

Being a consumer-friendly console means about what you think it means. A consumer-friendly console is one that sports features designed to consider the needs and wants of the consumer (even if they aren’t the needs and wants of the manufacturer). A consumer-friendly console is a console worth admiring.

So which current console is the most consumer-friendly? That’s a question that requires you to consider several factors. Doing so reveals a possibly surprising ranking that requires you to ask just how much being consumer-friendly really translates into great sales.

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DarkVoyager86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Microsoft wants crossplay but also lock F2P games behind a paywall. Xbox has Gamepass. Microsoft wants GAAS.

Sony allows crossplay just not with Xbox and doesn’t lock F2P games behind a paywall. PS Now is getting better now that you can download games or stream them. Sony is all for single player games and exclusives.

Nintendo forces you to use a stupid app just to use voice chat and doesn’t even allow you to message your friends on Switch.

I’m going with Sony in this one.

Ristul85d ago

Remember when Microsoft locked Youtube etc behind a paywall? Yeah, Microsoft is the underdog now so they will make some efforts, but as soon as they are doing good they start their anti-consumer BS. Sony is on top NOW and still is the more consumer friendly of the two. Keep it up Sony.

Eonjay84d ago

The one that is most consumer friendly is the one with the most consumers unless this is just another 'gamers are dumb for not wanting what I tell them to want' type times

Spurg85d ago

"Microsoft wants crossplay but also lock F2P games behind a paywall. Xbox has Gamepass. Microsoft wants GAAS."
Gamepass is the best subscription service and is unrivaled. For a low monthly price, you get day one exclusive games, an array of AAA games including Doom, the division and Fallout 4 as well as great library of BC games like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. People must really be out of their minds to not subscribe to this service.

"Sony allows crossplay just not with Xbox and doesn’t lock F2P games behind a paywall. PS Now is getting better now that you can download games or stream them. Sony is all for single player games and exclusives."
You forgot to mention they don't allow it with Nintendo as well and also block people's fornite account to the system. If you consider that's not anti-consumer then I don't know what is.

Also, about Psnow's new downloadable games, there is something Sony pull off and no one noticed. Most of the AAA Ps4 games were already available on ps Plus. These are the relevant games that are available on Psnow, that were already given for free on a Psplus sub:

Until Dawn
Saints Row Gat out of hell
Heavy Rain
Grim fandango remastered
God of war 3 remastered
Everyones's gone to the rapture
Darksiders 2 definitive edition
Beyond two souls
Gravity rush
Lord of the fallen
Sherlock crimes and punishment
The unfinished swan
Risen 3
Brothers tales of two sons
Broken age

There is only a small handful of AAA games that are available on Psnow that were not already included on a psplus sub. And the Ps2 list is really poor and an insult to its legacy. There still isn't any reason to sub to this abysmal service. Ps1 game are non-existent and Ps3 games which makes the bulk of Psnow are not available to download. To add insult to injury, Sony announces the Psclassic with select Ps1 games, and leave their Psnow service barren of any of those games. This is anti-consumer.
Psnow had ample amount of chances to add great games and improve their horrible service but they didn't have the infrastructure to keep it relevant and that they have made some of their games downloadable, they have failed to even make me consider subbing, as I already own those games through a ps plus sub.

Nyxus85d ago

"People must really be out of their minds to not subscribe to this service."

Not really. For the few games that I want to play on Xbox One, I'm cheaper off buying them separately on disc, and then I actually own them as well.

Apocalypse Shadow85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Sony would not be the market leader if they weren't consumer friendly.

You skipped right over the fact that MS requires you to have XBL to play F2P games.

You speak of Gamepass but it's only to make up for MS's lack of exclusives and lack of game sales which is why they talk about engagement numbers.

You talk about PS Now's game offerings, and neglect that there are over 650 to stream or *download to choose from. Offering new released games would kill sales numbers for those games. The money to make AAA games like Spider-Man or GOW, would not be recouped at $10 a month.

Sony not connecting their network to their competitors who lack player counts is not anti consumer. It's pro Sony player base. It's not Sony's job to increase their player pool.

If you add everything Sony offers compared to its competitors, they are the most consumer friendly and have been for generations. But go on and keep ignoring F2P behind a paywall. All the journalists and bloggers do for some reason. When that's anti consumer.

85d ago
jimbost7984d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Gamespass is the best subscription service. In your opinion. You get day1 exclusives but lets be honest only forza is a real big hitter. I got 3 months free subscription and i wont be renewing. Am i out of my mind?
Ill just buy forza for a one off fee and get to keep it forever.

If i buy a ps4 today and subscribe to plus will i have access to all those games you mention?

Sony has the most cosplay titles. Fact.

Locking free to play games behind a paywall automatically makes you no1 least consumer friendly.

A lot of typing there mate with no real substance behind it.

CarlDechance84d ago

"There is only a small handful of AAA games that are available on Psnow that were not already included on a psplus sub."

And? If someone subscribes to PS+ now then they do not get access to all the PS+ games of the past. Your point is irrelevant.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Gamepass is mostly filled with obscure games no one has ever heard of and indies. I think it's also worth noting that many of the people using the phrase anti-consumer in regards to gaming are misusing the word. Forcing someone to pay a fee to access online content in free to play games is anti-consumer and that's exactly what Xbox Live forces you to do. The only thing Sony has done in the last 20 years that could be considered to be anti-consumer is when they intentionally stored personal information on unsecured servers with PSN. All the other ridiculous comments about ps now and remasters are just people REACHING.

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AngelicIceDiamond85d ago

PS Now wouldn't where its at now thanks to MS Gamepass. Just like GWG would not exist thanks to PSN+. Don't act like Sony woke up one day and thought of a super original idea to announce you can dl games because that was there plan all along.

Apocalypse Shadow85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Actually, I'll agree that competition is good in that it makes companies improve their products and brings prices down.

But the article can't even get something simple right about cross play so it's not even worth a read when the facts are wrong. Carl de chance got it right below. From the article:

***First off, the PlayStation 4’s lack of true crossplay is inexcusable. There is no reason that PlayStation fans can’t play with owners of other consoles and devices that can possibly be interpreted as being consumer friendly.***

The article writer is outright lying and is spreading misinformation when the PS4 cross plays with PC and mobile. Those are **other devices**

Consumer friendly is when you offer a product for a reasonable price and is supported for a reasonable price on software and/or accessories.

Sony beats out their competitors on both. They are the clear winner. FEATURES don't sell consoles. GAMES sell consoles. And the article writer is saying features is the winner. Which is ridiculous.

Realms84d ago

If MS had it's way being the industry leader things might look a lot different, the only reason they are even offering BC is because what else do they have to offer in terms of exclusives? Sony has had BC for 3 generations and no one batted an eye, Sony has more cross play games but no body seemed to care until MS started throwing shade at Sony and MS fanboys jumped all over it. Competition is good but Sony has been way more consistent through out every generation that is the reason they are the console leaders.

Why o why84d ago

Fair but it existed. . All players copy bottom line.

84d ago
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Zeref84d ago

Sony doesn't allow crossplay with Switch either. Only with PC. Also they lock your progression/cosmetics and locked backwards compatible games behind a paywall.

TheCommentator84d ago

MS also has Play Anywhere and Backwards Compatibility, Forwards Compatibility with future titles, and 4K bluray support, and six new studios to make new games (soon to be seven now that Playground is hiring for their third one). Now they're gearing up Azure to implement a streaming service that actually works.

I guess if you don't cite all of Microsoft's strengths then you could make it appear that Sony is more consumer friendly, but this is reality and they're really not... Microsoft is.

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CarlDechance85d ago

lol.....PS4 has "no crossplay"? sigh.


Rachel_Alucard84d ago

When they say no crossplay they aren't being literal, they just mean crossplay with competitors platforms. All the cross platforms games on that wiki keep everything contained to Sony and PC platforms, never switch or XBO.

Why o why84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Well if they're not being literal

Xbox has no games. . .

Output lacking and slacking. . Aren't gaming consoles defined by its games. How consumer friendly is providing the least when you're the wealthiest

CarlDechance84d ago

What? Their analysis is figurative?!? Oh bullshit, man. Don't give me "they aren't being literal". They are not being competent! They never even mention that there are games that have cross play between PS4 and PC. They say flat out: "NO CROSSPLAY". And PC is just as viable a platform for crossplay as Switch or Xbox. A fact that is often missed around here.

Rachel_Alucard84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

They do that to get clicks. Anyone with sense can take one look at that list of games there is in fact no games with crossplay between their competitors. PC is a universal platform so they're ok with it, Xbox and Switch are fine working together, but Sony doesn't like working with those 2. You can apply whatever fanboy gymnastics you want but Sony won't crossplay with anyone but themselves and PC.

CarlDechance84d ago

Fanboy gymnastics is pretending crossplay between a console and PC isn't crossplay. That is all you are doing here. If the author gave a shit about accuracy then the FACT that PS4 does indeed have cross play with PC for some games would have been included in the article. Highlighting the fact that PS4 doesnot have cross play with its competitors is fine and just as accurate. As it is, the article does not tell the entire truth of the matter, probably because the author didn't bother to look into the matter. And you giving him a pass for not being "literal" in an article pretending to be an analytic piece is about as fanboy gymnastic move as any.

Rachel_Alucard84d ago

I'm not even talking about this particular article. Everytime an article comes up about PS4 not doing crossplay it's always targeted at crossplay with it's competitors. Crossplay definitely counts on PC, but that's not what all these articles are hammering on about obviously. Crossplay on PC is nothing new I still remember when 360 used to do it alot a decade ago, but everyone is past that idea now. The new focus on is on crossplay with other consoles, something MS and Nintendo do just fine, but Sony refuses.

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TomatoDragon84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Uh ps4 has more crossplay titles than either switch or Xbox and has been doing crossplay since the ps2.

Zeref84d ago

We all know that they mean crossplay with Nintendo and Xbox

TomatoDragon84d ago

Irrelevant. Having crossplay with gamings largest audience platform is far more relevant.

CarlDechance84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

More likely the author simply doesn't even know cross play between PC and PS4 exists. Shouldn't an article pretending to be an analysis of consoles with a focus on consumers be explicitly clear and accurate? Yes, it should. This article is not. Period.

Hugodastrevas84d ago

We're measuring success in consumer friendliness now? Wow, Sony's competition sure is getting desperate 😂

Zeldafan6484d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Doesn't do sony any good when the only games they have I want to play are 3rd party. I knew this comments section would be a total sony circle jerk.

Fraggle198784d ago

Well it certainly ain't nintendo haha

Zeldafan6484d ago

Nintendo could be doing better but for me I don't care about online multiplayer so as long as they keep killing it with first party I'm good.

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