Gaming Nexus: Pure Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Growing up in the small town Midwest, I spent quite a bit of time with ATVs, both for recreation and for work. From an early age, several safety pointers were repeatedly drilled into my head, making me a responsible operator. I think I broke each and every one of those rules within the first twenty seconds of Pure, the newest extreme racing game from Disney Interactive Studios. And while I had a blast racing around the hills and jumps of the track, I just couldn't help thinking I'd seen this all before. I usually try to avoid referencing other titles when reviewing a game, but the entire time I was playing Pure I just couldn't help thinking it was "SSX with ATVs". This isn't a bad thing, certainly, as I thoroughly enjoyed the extreme snowboarding series, but players looking for something truly groundbreaking won't find it here. On the other hand, those looking for a solid (and gorgeous) over-the-top racer will undoubtedly have themselves a blast."

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