ZTGD Review: NBA Live 09

ZTGD: Unlike EA's legendary Madden series the NBA Live franchise has had a hard transition to the next generation of consoles. It seems that every year the improvements that are made are simply not enough to keep up with the competition, but all of that is about to change. With the introduction of Dynamic DNA EA Sports has innovated the way sports games are played. Downloading new rosters is great, but anyone who plays Madden on a regular basis will tell you that each year players change mid-season and their stats simply do not reflect it. With the introduction of Dynamic DNA gamers can now download player's tendencies every time they power up their game keeping things current and fresh as long as they have an internet connection.

+ Dynamic DNA really ups the ante
+ Fluid on-the-court movement
+ Best Dynasty Mode in any sports game
+ Great visual presentation
- Some slowdown and minor glitches
- High learning curve
- Dynamic DNA only works on original copy

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