1UP: Valkyria Chronicles Hands On Preview

1UP writes: "I'm of two minds about Valkyria Chronicles, Sega's anticipated PS3-exclusive alternate-reality WWII tactical-role-playing game from some of the creative minds behind cult Dreamcast RPG favorite Skies of Arcadia: On one hand, it wouldn't be an understatement to say that it might redefine the always enjoyable -- yet somewhat stagnant -- strategy-RPG genre. And let's face it, when notorious opinionated rivals like 1UP's very own Jeremy Parish and Shane Bettenhausen (just watch them square off on the merits of Mega Man 9 on a recent 1UP Show) agree that something's worth playing, you know it's quality stuff. On the other hand, despite all its positives, I can't shake the feeling that Valkyria Chronicles isn't all that it could be".

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thor3701d ago

They didn't really mention any flaws, the only thing they mentioned was the story (and the backstory at that). That's kind of important I suppose, but they praised the gameplay and graphics so I don't see why they had "the feeling that Valkyria Chronicles isn't all that it could be".

eagle213701d ago

Every game site has given positive previews. Sega has done a good job this year.

creeping judas3701d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on this game!!!!

himdeel3701d ago

...and it's a day one purchase for me. It's a refreshing title and I feel I'll have fun playing it.