Resistance 2 TV Spot: It's Actually Good

Kombo writes, Sony is really on to something by the way they are advertising Resistance 2. Check out the commercial for Resistance 2 and reminise back to the days when every PlayStation ad you'd see was more entertaining than mind boggling.

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Pennywise3554d ago

Actually good? Did we expect otherwise?

Lifendz3553d ago

that got me pumped.

"We must rise....we must.....resist"

IdleLeeSiuLung3553d ago

I like the way the trailer is laid out setting the mood, except I don't like the mix of real actors and the game footage.... It made the game graphics look crappy due to the real actors (and not because of the game itself)

gaffyh3553d ago

I like how the first comment on that site is from "TheMartatXboxKings" . ROFLMAO

johover1123553d ago

i don't care if Gears of war 2 sells more, THIS IS THE GAME IM WAITING FOR!!!!!

psnDevistator3563553d ago

Reminds me of the old PlayStation commercials

SlyGuy3553d ago reminds us of the old PS ads because it has OLD PS graphics!

LOL sry I could not help myself from making an Xbot comment.

My brother and I keep arguing about whether this (R2) or LBP will get GOTY. This ad does an EXCELLENT job of hyping me up.

wetowel3553d ago

Ok wow! That video actually gave me goosebumps

Bubble Buddy3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

LMAO. Look at the first person who commented at ps3kombo. On topic, can't wait. Might skip the whole day to play it.

Homicide3553d ago

The beta keys are here. Awesome TV ad.

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jaffa_cake3554d ago

im in the beta its wild wild wild
so much fun just great sci fi shooter cause thats what it really is.
what halo should of been and more.
the medics rock in this game.

himdeel3553d ago

...and I have to agree this is an awesome game. I cannot wait to get my hands on a retail copy. Also the ad was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I have only played deathmatches but cannot wait to enjoy some coop this weekend. So glad I have a mic, I could see some very coordinated matches getting really nasty and really fun.

^_^3554d ago

||2 people came into my store and asked for resistance 2 because of the ad||

Shaka2K63553d ago

Insomniac delivers again.

3 exclusive AAA's for Sony PS3 in just 2 years WOW i love this guys.

eagle213554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

The new Motorstorm 2, LittleBigPlanet (saw LBP on MTV last night), and Resistance 2 commercials are very high budget and awesome.

theEnemy3553d ago

Pretty neat commercial..

But the MGS4 "Movie-Like" Commercial or Trailer is still much better.


Sarah Palin3554d ago

was stupid. Cant wait to play the game though.

eagle213554d ago

This commercial is kick ass. See the wide screen version:

Pennywise3554d ago

Sarah - Dont get me started on you!

ultimolu3554d ago

...You don't wanna hear my mouth. -__-
Believe me, you don't.

Lucreto3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

The advert is brilliant I can't wait for it to appear on the PSN.

Can you tell me what the vice-president actually does?

morganfell3553d ago

Can you tell us what a Senator does? Yeah, neither can Obama, the man that has written two books about himself but not authored a single bill even when he was in state government. Do yourself a favor and despite the Palin name tag just leave that crap off the board.

In the gaming world though Resistance 2 just beat it's competition on the TV ad front as well.

Sarah Palin3553d ago

I have no idea what the VP does. I think it has something to do with Crab Fishing.


fredy3553d ago

Tthen you go and write....."Yeah, neither can Obama, the man that has written two books about himself but not authored a single bill even when he was in state government."

Thanks but no thanks,

fanboy hypocrites

Raptura3553d ago

I don't like you Sarah Palin.

That is all.

Sarah Palin3553d ago

@FREDDY--Shh. Get fingered.
@Raptura--Well, guess what? Your parents dont really love you, and your birth was an accident.
Thats is all.

morganfell3553d ago

No Mr dyslexia, I wrote the other part first as a demonstration that all candidates from all parties are full of holes and taking a side on a gaming board is just asking for it. And you will deserve what you get. Unlike you I am not a hypocrite because I realize the facts about ALL of them. You don't.

psnDevistator3563553d ago

So help us God if McCain gets picked president, If he dies we have this dumb bimbo for president. God scary isn't it?

darkdoom30003553d ago

I never really card till i realised that if something happend to macain, she would be president... thats probably more scarier than chimeras taking over th world.

mfwahwah3553d ago


Hypocrite. Don't bring it up if you don't want it on the boards.

Sorry for the off topic post.

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