NGamer: MySims Kingdom Preview

NGamer via CVG writes: "Last year's MySims reminded us of our youth spent playing with a giant bucket of Lego scattered all over the floor - and not just because we nearly lost a toe after stepping on the upturned DS cart. The premise of the game was simple: transform your crapshack of a town into a tourist hotspot by using the remote to build and paint houses, structures, furniture and other such items.

But the real joy came not from watching your idle neighbours profit from your diligent hard graft. Rather, it was in the mischief of using the game's versatile construction tools to create monstrosities of modern design which your in-game 'pals' would love, despite the buildings being inherently repulsive to the sane eye. As with Lego, your enjoyment is capped only by your creativity, and our enjoyment capped at an impressive 90% in our review."

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