Dragon Quest XI for Switch is titled "Dragon Quest XI S"

During the Tokyo Game Show today, Square Enix finally provided an update on Dragon Quest XI for Switch.

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PhoenixUp23d ago

With how slow localization is for this series, western gamers shouldn’t expect this game until 2020 at the earliest

AnnaDea23d ago

It´s already translated.

The 10th Rider22d ago

Meh, it's kind of tough to predict because the voice work and translation work for the West was already done. Without knowing how close it is to Japanese or if there's any other significant changes to the game, we really have no clue when it could be coming out.

AdonisIsBeast22d ago

Still waiting on Dragon Quest Rivals to be released in the west.

PhoenixUp22d ago

@ Anna

Since when has that ever meant anything? Dragon Quest VIII was already localized, but western markets still had to wait more than a year for the 3DS port after Japan received it. Why would you think it’d be any different now with Dragon Quest XI?

You still haven’t even seen the Switch versions of Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 get localized yet despite the PS4 versions already existing in the western markets.

So like I said, except western markets to receive DQXI a year or more after it releases in Japan.

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Geobros23d ago

Nice news but I would prefer to play that game soon. It would be better if we had a release date and not an "S".

PhoenixUp23d ago

1.) The version isn’t anywhere close to being released. They haven’t even shown anything from announcing it 3 years ago.

2.) If you want to play it so soon just get the PC or PS4 versions already available.

3.) You’re still going to wait a year after it releases in Japan because of how slow it continues to be to localize a game in this series.

Theknightofnights22d ago

Actually, they did show gameplay of it running on the Switch last year. I can try to find the link if you want.

The game is already translated, so their wouldn't be much localization required. Just for some of the extra content.

ShadowWolf71222d ago


Pretty sure that was Dragon Quest X.

PhoenixUp22d ago

Dragon Quest VIII was already localized on PS2. That didn’t stop the 3DS port from taking more than a year to release in western markets after it released in Japan. What you think now would be different when that’s never been the case for this series?

Western markets are still waiting on the Switch versions of Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2.

They never revealed the Switch version’s gameplay, so it’s still far away from release

SuperSonic9122d ago

The " S" is for "Stiffneck" if you plan on playing this on handheld mode.

jznrpg23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Dragon Quest 11 Small. Great game on PS , I will grab it on Switch just to have it

Platformgamer23d ago

you know that the S is for shit right?
i'm joking, it is for small, it's probably the 3DS version but a little better graphically

Segata22d ago

It's been confirmed many times it's the PS4 version. They had to move the whole game to a newer version of UE4 to work on Switch. That takes time.

Platformgamer22d ago

it's the pixelated ps4 version you mean right?

Platformgamer22d ago

i'm not trolling, i'm serious.
the switch version will be objectively inferior to the already existing ps4 and PC versions

Segata22d ago

Portable dummy plus Switch version will have added features. Won't be the best looking but still have its own advantages.

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