New Shadow of the Tomb Raider mod replaces Lara's face with one closer to the original version

DSOGaming writes: "Modder ‘Fuse00’ has released the second major mod for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Similarly to EzioMaverick’s Outfit mod, this one replaces Lara’s face texture. According to the modder, the aim of this mod is to make Lara look similar to her original Tomb Raider version (higher detail obviously but similar face structure)."

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Dirtnapstor86d ago

Well I hope there is a patch for the consoles. Lara’s doll-looking face is just not right.

GtPawnSacrifices86d ago

Agreed. I know their trying to make her look older, more mature from her beginning. But yeah, her look from 2013 was my personal fav.
Can’t put my finger on it, but as if her cheeks have been widened or her mouth is a little to small for her face.

Inzo86d ago

Pointless exercise seeing that the game already has the classic skin. I want classic TR not just the skin.

level 36086d ago

Don't think it's better, they just made her look more sophisticated and sassy by adding cosmetic make-up and thickening up her eyelashes.. like she's going to a party.

Protagonist86d ago

IMO whether the face is replaced or not.. there something about this new Lara I dislike. She looks weird to me . Guess I liked the 2013 version the most.

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The story is too old to be commented.