The Reasons Why Telltale's Demise Isn't Surprising At All

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Telltale's demise ended up becoming a typical case of a small firm that tried to bite more than it could chew, a modern day iteration of the tale of Icarus. It's terrible news for the industry, but not surprising at all. With this, all I wish is for the former Telltale staff to get new jobs in other companies and keep on doing what those guys know best: write good stories, help out other franchises with improved plots and storytelling progression."

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Jinger84d ago

Sucks for them to lose work, but I agree. Their closure isn't surprising at all.

TekoIie84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

They became a one trick pony unfortunately and I think it resulted in their games becoming uninteresting. It was a lot of licensing and very little original content. If they had tried to make more original world's they would still be around today. If it turns out they didn't have the imagination to pull that off, then they have people that shouldn't be working in a creative industry.

jacksmith5683d ago

agree with you , but to elaborate more what made them fail was never taking it to the next step never pushing the gameplay never pushing for a real new engine , never making any choices that have real impact

i disagree with if they had more original content it would save them as the problem isnt with the content itself but rather the way the content is portrayed and delivered

Army_of_Darkness83d ago

All their games were interactive long movies with the same graphics and concept repeated over and over... Customers got bored and moved on.

Gaming10183d ago

Their closure was due to lack of gameplay and uninteresting stories. They had the best start with Walking Dead 1 and Wolf Among Us, with fantastic storylines which made up for the click and point gameplay, but when the stories became uninteresting with the last two or three Walking Dead games and the laggy Batman games, it killed interest and thus the company. It had nothing to do with market saturation since each game had a different IP and audience, it wasn't like the Guitar Hero saturation (the author definitely isn't a business major).

lptmg83d ago

each game had a different theme, but each game was an episodic point and click with the same engine, structure, gameplay, graphics, equally shared bugs, and so on. It's like saying Lego games aren't the same just because one is Star Wars and the other is The Incredibles even if they look, play, sound and feel identical to each other.

Gaming10181d ago

lptmg you're missing the point, they're all different stories and subject matter, so they're like they Lego games but guess what, Lego has a ton of games and they still sell. Guitar Hero was the comparison made and each subsequent GH game might as well be a DLC for the previous one since it was just different songs. You couldn't argue that if you bought Walking Dead then Batman should be DLC for it. they are too dissimilar and completely different IPs, whereas new songs are easily DLC worthy for GH, Rock Band or whatever music related game is compared.

HeyNavi84d ago

I'm crushed that we won't be getting a Wolf Among Us 2, but I can't say that i'm all that surprised. The Batman games were so laggy and glitchy that they were almost unplayable.

lptmg84d ago

all I wanted was an Archer game

NecrumOddBoy84d ago

I really wanted an Evil Dead series


Dark_Knightmare284d ago

Really I played both seasons and never had any problems

cooperdnizzle83d ago

That seems a little odd. They where terrible and everyone knew this. I was a huge fan in the begging but game after game broken and worse in quality than the last.

annoyedgamer84d ago

Im not sure you're supposed to use all those tags..

BeardedDrachen84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

At least i'll be able to play S2 of Batman and S3 of Walking Dead... Really sad they can't finish the Final season of Walking dead tho. Would be a bitter sweet send off to the developers.

sprinterboy84d ago

Gutted we won't get clementines story concluded

Channel-Live83d ago

they are finishing the series with the 25 ppl left

JohnnyPremo84d ago

I think that blows for people who invested their time into it. I would have been furious. I wont watch live shows on network tv for that reason.

ShinRon84d ago

they are everything i dislike about modern games but its still terrible to see a studio shut down

wirapuru83d ago

I myself can't say "everything I dislike about modern games" like you, but I feel you. Only the fact that the article starts with "...the reigning champion of the adventure genre, Telltale Games..." makes me mad. It is (was) probably true, if you look at sales charts - but I'd never say this about the quality of their "adventure" in the games. And I'm not even taking in account the technical glitches - I myself stopped playing Telltales after the 2nd or 3rd TWD and never came back - because they were BORING. Predictable. No accomplishment feeling at all, but maybe that's me.

I'm not sad at all, sorry. The movement Telltale was doing was aggressive and if it had succeeded it could have dictated what "adventure" games should be now on. Our luck is the indie(-ish) ones that make true adventure games, and at their own size, have succeeded.

I hope the employees take their talent to new journeys, I'm sure each of them can contribute for better games overall - but I hope nothing like what Telltale was producing.

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