Telltale's closure is a sad sign of the times for triple-I

TIGW writes: "Large indie studios will have trouble adapting to the current climate."

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PhoenixUp23d ago

It’s a sign not to stretch yourself too thin

-Foxtrot23d ago

Or actually doing the same thing over and over

ArchangelMike23d ago

It sounds like it was a case of gross mismanagement and an unhealthy toxic work environment more than anything else.

Parasyte23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I think so too. I would not be the least bit surprised to see a lawsuit with the workers suing for their severance packages.

fonger0823d ago

Apparently, through rumors, they basically lost money on everything they did outside of the first season of the WD. Batman was apparently a huge loss for them. It’s a shame, I enjoyed most the series they put out, but, it’s expensive to put out those licensed IPs.

-Foxtrot23d ago

Then they should have stopped relying of licenses and made original games

Awful to hear I know but they never helped themselves

fonger0823d ago

I was obviously a terrible business model... not sure why they would continued on making series after series of licensed stuff. Especially when others have had some success with original content.

mastershredder23d ago

One trick pony shows tend to get dull over time/

mgszelda123d ago

Bye felicia.
Quantic dream does it better. Where your choices actually matter.

King_Noctis23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

And cost about 2 times more than Telltales games.

letsa_go23d ago

You get what you pay for!

rob-GP22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

They don't have to cost more - look at the Council. That one has story elements and choices that follow you through and completely changes some of the proceeding chapters narrative and events. Also, Dreamfall - that came to consoles as one game but it was episodic on PC initially, that also has major changes at the beginning and throughout the game which steered the game in different directions.

TT games were good back when they were doing point and click games like Back to the future and CSI - once every game became a reskin of The Walking Dead where in order to get the platinum all you had to do was play the game - it became boring. There was no replayability, no reason to replay them and the vast majority of people didn't even buy the games, they watched people play them online because TT was embracing people to stream their copies.

They should have disabled streaming on consoles, put a blanket ban on footage on YT - like SEGA did with Persona - and offered more diverse storylines with multiple choices that matter. That would have pulled in more sales and made the games more appealing.

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The story is too old to be commented.