Console Games Aren’t Dead Yet

We all remember headlines about how console games are dead or dying. Mobile games, PC games, Android settop boxes, virtual reality, and cloud gaming were all going to kill off consoles.

Does the console game business face any long-term threats? Sure. The consoles are by their nature proprietary machines, and they will face the threat of open standards espoused by rivals such as Android and the Windows PC, which can embrace new technologies at a more rapid clip.

But it’s not much to worry about.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro85d ago

Looks like silly articles are not dead yet either.

You could as well write about water being wet.

PhoenixUp85d ago

Surprisingly you still see some outlets proclaiming the death of consoles regardless of the info that says otherwise

CasparOY85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

bad articles aren't arpproved yet

TekoIie85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

It was obviously a load of crap when people said consoles would die but i think its worth remembering that many were just expecting the form of the consoles to change and become a tablet that hooks up to your TV. In a sense the Switch is close to that and an example of how a market can evolve.

The idea of calling something dead in gaming is usually meaning that something else is getting big. Usually that thing has very little influence over the others survival which is why mobile hasn't killed consoles or PCs (Many also said tablets would kill PCs but they're still here and I think tablets were on the decline at one point).

The article even shows that the mobile market is a huge one but it's also become a different one. Publishers saw how mobile games can generate such huge profits with a low development budget and wanted in on that which resulted in a heavy push for Microtransactions. Sometimes it works in the case of F2P games but with full AAA releases it's questionable.

rainslacker84d ago

I dunno...I think last gen, there were a lot of people who saw the rise of mobile gaming, and expected it to completely supplant console gaming.

It was a pretty dumb prediction back then, but actually had more foundation than the claims of it dying that we saw in generations prior to the last since there was actually something to supplant console gaming. But ultimately, no one has really thought its a dying medium for a while now, because console gaming revenue has been on a steady rise for over a decade now, with no real reason for any of these companies to leave the market.

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The story is too old to be commented.