Red Dead Redemption 2 Info Blowout - Combat, Story, Controls & More

Here's a TON of Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay details regarding the story, controls, AI/NPC, weapons and more! All in handy bulletpoint format.

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OB1Biker83d ago

Wow that sounds terrific!
This game is set to deliver on the hype it seems.

bloop83d ago

It reads like they've put in an absolutely insane amount of work and detail in to this game. "Dynamic horse testicles, they shrink in cold weather." Dear Jesus, how did anyone even think of adding that in?? 😂😂😂 Not long to wait now!!

EazyC83d ago

What's odd is that I've read multiple times now about the importance of animal genitalia being accurate in preparation for this game. Honest to god, you can find YouTube comments on the very first trailer with people begging for dynamic horse cocks etc. I don't even understand why it's that important to people, I guess it's realistic but it's not the first thing I think of when anticipating a game.

OB1Biker82d ago

Yea thats one detail I couldn't care less though haha

Lighter983d ago

Nice bulletpoint format. Way better than the multiple page format of most websites.

Saigon82d ago

I do agree it makes it so much easier to read. I hate when sites say 'hey look at these top points for this game' and I expect to see a list but what we get is either a picture slide or paragraphs of information. I don't want to read all of that. Just give me the key points. If it is an article that is a must read, I will read it like digital foundry analysis of GPUs or System Architecture.

On topic, this was a great read. Looks like this game is going to be something special...can't wait.

spicelicka82d ago

Yes definitely easy to read, and none of that one point per page bs.

P_Bomb83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Guns jamming and weapon degradation/rusting I’m not crazy about. Hated all the jamming in Far Cry 2. Wasn’t crazy about all the repair in Dying Light. We’ll see how RDR combines them.

Don’t really wanna micromanage things like character weight with exercise so hopefully just running around exploring will be good enough.

Permadeath horses, eh I dunno. All it means is I’ll be using crap expendable horses more than the rare/epic steeds I enjoyed in AC:Origins.

The rest of the article sounds pretty good.

Spurg83d ago

"Wasn’t crazy about all the repair in Dying Light."
That was honestly the best part of Dying light, they make you vary your weapons, mix things up and get you out of your comfort zone and in all honesty, most games should exercise that.

"Permadeath horses, eh I dunno. All it means is I’ll be using crap expendable horses more than the rare/epic steeds I enjoyed in AC:Origins."
The idea is to tread carefully and not jump into any fight at random.

It seems you are used to the casual nature of games like ubisoft and their mundane open world mechanics. Rockstar have studied how gamers play games and are ready to offer a true evolution to open world games by enriching it with logical mechanics and more intricate environmental details.

P_Bomb82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Rockstar have studied how gamers play games? Great, more shark cards and battle royale incoming lol!

But seriously. I doubt most hardcore gamers need a game to force them to try anything. Even online. There’s no lack of loadout variety in games like Warframe. I’ve taken way more weapons to level 30 there than practical or necesssary. Then polarized. None of them due to breaks or jams.

No need to do push-ups in between boulder punches to keep Chris Redfield buff en route to Wesker.

Breaking weapons isn’t the antithesis to mundane or casual. Zelda Breath of the Wild does it, 100 lynel swords be damned, and many ppl complained about how it actually limits your playstyle and breaks immersion

Have you actually played Dying Light? You can buy/sell/loot the same weapons over and over again if you truly wanted. It’s a loot game. You don’t have to mod anything if you don’t want to either. You don’t even need guns really. You can also get epics from other players online many times above your level, breaking the game early. Not being crazy about fixing your one and only gold weapon or horse doesn’t mean you haven’t tried a hundred others before that. Think this through before trying to sound edgy. Ubisoft? Rockstar didnt sell 90 million GTAVs by not appealing to casuals too https://www.gamesindustry.b...

OB1Biker82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

From GI:
'Arthur has needs, too, like eating and sleeping. As you play, Arthur gets hungry and tired over time. If you don’t eat or sleep, you won’t regenerate your health or stamina as quickly. It doesn’t seem to veer into pure simulation territory, but I did eat a snack before a gunfight just in case. I can’t say for certain how it works over longer sessions, but Rockstar is adamant that, like the weapon cleaning, it’s not designed to be intrusive. Instead, it’s a way to remind players that Arthur is a person, and not just a hunk of meat that’s entirely self-sustaining. Over time, his hair and beard will grow, which you can shave at camp or get trimmed in town. Hairstyles and facial hair aren't magically summoned when you plop into the chair, either. If you want a mullet or mustache, you'll have to grow it and have it cut it to form. '
Like for the weapons. I think its all designed to feel more immersive and fun. We'll see how that works but I feel confident given the previews. Like picking up an old shotgun and oiling it to get it up to good standard sounds cool.

Master of Unlocking83d ago

"Dynamic horse testicles, they shrink in cold weather"
That's, like, the pinnacle of attention to detail right there, lol

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