PlayStation Classic Will Not See Post-Launch Games, Has No Online Functionality

Sony answers some lingering questions about the PlayStation Classic's functionality.

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masterfox84d ago

what the hell ? the PS Classic it isn't supposed to be a full fleshed console, what's next you will ask for crossplay in it? lol, seriously gaming journalist be rational.

sprinterboy84d ago

Comment of century pmsl. Cheers buddy hah.

darthv7284d ago

I'm going to get it and play it like I did my original PS1. Which means I will have it upside down when I game.

I kid... I kid

But seriously, I had to have my PS1 upside down when I played.

Name Last Name84d ago

was it because it had a broken cover hinge and discs stop spinning?

Nitrowolf284d ago

It better have crossplay, I want to be able to play Spyro 1 multiplayer with other consoles!!!

Matrix684d ago

Let's add native 8k @240fps as well...

Bhuahahaha84d ago

oh and add some cloud save ahahhahaha and voice chat

sprinterboy84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

If it doesn't have share play, all the video services/on demand etc, voice chat, screenshot/video sharing on fb and YouTube, cross play, dlna media server, play my old dvds it's a no buy from me 😁

rainslacker84d ago

Ill just wait for the mid-gen update.

darthv7284d ago

you mean the even smaller one with the attachable travel screen?

rainslacker84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

That, and 50% more power, and of course a dualshock.:)

Seriously though, I skipped out on the NES mini, because despite it being a neat little collectors item, I found it ultimately pointless given that I have an NES which works just fine. There is even an HDMI mod for it and the SNES which I never bothered with, but is there should I choose to install one. I looked at the NES one's no different than the other systems which released under a similar principal, in that while it's cool and all, not something that is really going to be much benefit to my collection. For that reason, I'll be skipping the PS Mini as well, because I don't really see any point in it, since I'm likely to own the games it comes with anyhow.

KwietStorm84d ago

Online play doesn't make sense but I thought that with 20 games, there was possibly a plan to add games later, especially because Nintendo didn't. Such a small selection by comparison at that price really kills it for me. Feels like they made it just to make it.

Kumakai83d ago

But it’s not even good as s mini console. 5 old games for $100!?? Be objective for once. All of you. If this was ms you all would be laughing and hating.

Nitrox83d ago

There will be 20 games...they only announced 5 as a teaser.

Neonridr83d ago

I think this article was just answering those questions. Nobody necessarily expected it to, but obviously Sony felt it pertinent to address them. Relax dude.

Muzikguy83d ago

I’m not surprised by this. No other “classic” console has the ability.

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Vanfernal84d ago

It's a collector's item... And it will have some of the games that made PS1 such a success. People have gone out of their way to criticize this thing as if Sony had announce the PS5 and stripped off a gazillion features. From complaints about not featuring dualshocks, not having online, and not being able to expand games I've heard just about all. The ironic part is that for a while you could get a PSTV for about $40 and with that you could play PS1, PSP and Vita games (not all but still), use dualshocks 3 or 4 and have online connectivity... and the system flopped.

rainslacker84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Obviously if it has a classic look, instead if just looking like a portable hard drive, people will buy it up for nostalgia purposes. I think Sony dropped the ball, because they could of made this a vita system, and maybe revitalized the software sales for it.

But I do find it funny just how many people seem to care about bc, then they had this pstv system available for cheap for years now, often sold for cheap with games included, had ps+ igc ps1 games for$60 a year, and could play ps1 and 2 generations of ps portable games, and no one thought maybe it was worth it....even when it was $40. Some if the same people saying how Sony is screwin up this mini now because of the bc issue, I remember taking great joy in the vita being a failure, and laughing at how even when the pstv was dropped to $40, it wasn't worth it.

But now they have a mini which is capitalizing on the hype that nintendo.built for their minis, and Sony is doing something terrible because they don't offer bc.

People really don't think their arguments through, and completely ignore any real plausible solution to their apparent dilemmas when it goes against their real motive of finding a reason to criticize sony.

Vanfernal84d ago

I was really let down because the PS4 couldn't play PS1 games. I got the PSTV a while back and instantly had almost my whole PS1 digital library available. People who really care about PS1 BC should know that there are alternatives. But that's not really what the PS Classic is about.

rainslacker84d ago

No doubt. I was disappointed about lack of BC in PS4, but ultimately, it didn't affect me as I just kept my PS3. I actually thought there may not be PS3 BC in the PS4, but was surprised by the lack of PS1 or PS2 BC. Anyhow, I have a PSTV, and its a nice little system for digital BC of PS1 games, not to mention PSP games and of course the Vita games. I brought mine at launch, but they could be gotten for so cheap not too long after release that anyone who actually cared really should have considered it because it was cheaper than buying just the controller which came with it anyhow.

I think the people clamoring about BC now don't care so much about BC, or playing their old games, because if they really cared, they would have found alternatives long ago, instead of bitching about it for years now, and there wasn't much complaint about it at the start of this gen anyhow when no one offered it. When MS made a solution for it though, suddenly a lot of people seemed to start caring.

I think its alright to criticize or pressure Sony for PS1(at least digital), and PS2 BC if they have an emulator and its possible. MS showed there is a reasonable solution which seems accepted by some publishers well enough. But the kind of bitching and criticism that I see now over the topic is just kind of silly....particularly when it's with a mini system which is in no way intended to be some form of BC solution. There was more merit to the PSNow criticism involving BC than there is over this mini, but even the PSNow stuff was a weak allegory as well since it was essentially a completely different service from BC.

Sgt_Slaughter84d ago

The DualShock complaint is a legitimate one though.

Of the five games announced, already one of them is a racing game, and since there's no control stick it limits what games can be on this system. Who wants to play Ridge Racer with a D-Pad only? That's nonsense.


Did not seem to matter that much in 1995. This is a replica of the classic playstation. Did the classic playstation come packed with daulshocks. No. That was an update.

SierraGuy84d ago

Even in modern day racers I switch to dpad for steering in the control menu.

Much better than the thumbstick imo.

Sgt_Slaughter84d ago

The Ridge Racer game that comes with it came out in 1998, when the DualShock was released. So yes, it does matter much. If it didn't matter then why have every single Playstation variation and future release come with a standard DualShock with control sticks? Clearly it's the best way to play Playstation games. Also, it gives more choices to players. If you want to use either the D-Pad or control sticks, you can pick. Now you're stuck with one option.

SierraGuy84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

@Sgtslaughter...with all due respect the original PS1 ridge racer released in 1994 on console, and what an awesome racer that was.

There was no dualshock with thumbsticks available then.

If they are releasing the 1998 version...I believe most players still used the dpad as the thumbstick ds was still in it's infancy.

ludicrous84d ago

I remembered playing long hrs with the d-pad. Though pretty nostalgic, i seriously don't miss having blisters and indented thumb.

Sgt_Slaughter84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 is the game included which came out in Dec. of 1998 (1999 for the rest of the world), and the DualShock came out in late 1997. The Dual Analog (no rumble) controller came even earlier than that in early 1997. The PlayStation only existed without a control stick controller for a little over one year.

I can guarantee 90% or more of players who played it used control sticks. More power to those who choose not to but don't restrict control options.

rainslacker84d ago

There were very few games that actually required the analog sticks. So, it may limit what games can be played on the system, but I imagine the 20 games that are included probably work fine with the digital controllers.

However, the analog sticks do make a lot of games easier to play.

You keep talking about choices for games, but have you forgotten that the games on this system are predetermined, and if you want other games, it means hacking the system which means that your complaint is from a stand point of doing something Sony probably won't condone, and something I would just say "deal with it" if you decided to go your own way.

My suggestion to you. Go buy a VItaTV. You'll get a Vita which can play PSP, PS1, and Vita games just fine, and it'll likely come with a DS3 or maybe even a DS4 controller, a memory card. It'll likely be half the price given current prices, and you'll get a lot more functionality out of it.

If you want what you say you want, then go get what has it. It won't look like a PS1, but it'll be much more versitile in the long run.

ShadowWolf71284d ago

It's literally meant to be a near-exact replica of the Launch PS1. It's even coming out the same day the PS1 launched.

That's like complaining the NES mini came with the rectangle controls and not the more advanced pads out later.

Sgt_Slaughter84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

If they want a near launch PS1 then don't include a game (or games) that utilize a controller that wasn't out at launch. It literally makes zero sense and this is a 100% legitimate complaint yet a lot of people on here aren't understanding this argument for whatever reason.

Also, NES and SNES only had ONE main controller (minus the Dogbone NES but that didn't add any buttons), that comparison doesn't work for this. Why would anyone complain about using the main controller? Dual Analog and DualShock improved and replaced the outdated D-Pad controller, there's no need to use it ever again since both the models listed have D-Pads anyway.

@rainslacker, "since there's no control stick it limits what games can be on this system" only meant what game Sony would include on the system. Nowhere do I say that meant for future purposes as in adding games or what not. It was purely saying that the games list would be limited down to non-control stick games (even though there's already a racing game on it as we know)

Mr Marvel84d ago

I won’t be touching Ridge Racer regardless as the series is crap.
I’m more concerned about Gran Turismo/Gran Turismo 2 for the lack of Dualshock.

Sgt_Slaughter84d ago

@Marvel I completely forgot about those, that would be bad. Same with Rayman 2, one of the best platformers ever made. GTA I and II (along with London) would be harder without sticks as well.

This is why I am complaining. It rules out such great titles for no reason.

rainslacker83d ago

Go look up how many games actually require the analog stick. You'll find that it is less than 1% of all games released on the system. I did some research, and I think it came up to maybe 3-4 games that people could name....Ape Escape being the most common, likely because it was the first game to require it, and included a DS controller in some of the SKU's.

Anyhow, it doesn't severely limit the games that can be used on the system as you suggest, just makes it so a few games that did release can't be used on it.

Its not to say that some of the games coming don't play better with the DS, but it's nitpicky and exaggeration to suggest how limiting it is for Sony to not include the DS controller. In any case, the system will likely be hacked, and you'll probably end up being able to connect a DS3/4 to it through one of those hacks. For people actually buying it to play as an actual console, they'll be waiting for that anyhow.

If it's important to you now though, go buy a PSTV. It'll serve your purposes just fine, you'll get a better controller with a DS3/4, and it'll be 1000X more versatile as it will have a huge catalog of games available, and play three different generations of software.

ziggurcat83d ago

"The DualShock complaint is a legitimate one though."

how so? did any of those games require the dualshock controller back then? I don't know what the extra functionality of a current dualshock controller would do to add to any of the games from that gen if they're not patched to accommodate for that.

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crxss84d ago

@vanfernal and you just described the power of nostalgia.

ScootaKuH84d ago

Did anyone really expect it to?

affrogamer84d ago

Some gamers can never be satisfied. Ppl want this thing to have the same features as a PS4 Pro LOL

rainslacker84d ago

I heard it won't cook you breakfast in the morning, and never calls you again too.

ShadowWolf71284d ago

I mean...

There are people legit mad it doesn't have trophy support, so...

Nyxus84d ago

Did anyone expect it to?

Artemidorus84d ago

Online would be good feature.

Chris_GTR184d ago

to access your PS1 classics that you already bought back on the ps3 and cant use anymore cause ps4 doesnt support it. to play more games than just the 20 included?

xX-oldboy-Xx84d ago

Chris_GTR1 - NOPE, 20 is what you get - your other purchases don't apply. They were brought under different circumstances and different guidelines. Does it hurt? No.

It's a bargain and a nice piece of kit to own.

Artemidorus84d ago

You can play co op like the old days and have a leaderboard.

ChrisGTR183d ago (Edited 83d ago )


You'd think that they would come out with the definitive PS1 experience including an online store for you to buy more PS1 classics. Maybe even include a online multiplayer mode similar to what the PS4 already does where it works like couch coop. Instead we get some half assed throw away console with 20 games. We're better off just rebuying an actual PS1 and getting the games on eBay. Probably would be cheaper than 100$ anyways.

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KwietStorm84d ago

Online play for 25 year old games that never had online play? Sure that would be a good feature. Fundamentally impossible, but a good feature.

NarooN84d ago

Not really fundamentally impossible. Several emulators today allow people to play any game that had local multiplayer across the internet with ease. Dolphin is notable for this. The PS classic is nothing more than an "official" Sony emulator inside a fancy chassis. They could've done it if they wanted to.

Besides that I think most were referring to the ability to download more titles to the system over time, something that was critiqued about the Nintendo minis as well, so people clearly did either want or expect it.

ChrisGTR182d ago (Edited 82d ago )

The PS4 has a online couch coop mode that was added about 2 years ago. Forgot the name of it but it basically turns local coop games into online coop. I don't see why they didn't add it to this.

rainslacker84d ago

Sure, but throwing in a network adapter, and supporting servers to play those games with others on a system which ultimately probably won't be used for very long after the initial novelty wears off seems rather silly to me.