PSN Is Sending Out Free $10 Credit In Email To Select Users

Sony is apparently sending out free credit to select PSN users so if you have registered for PlayStation Network emails, make sure to check the inbox to see if Sony has sent any free credit to your account.

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FallenAngel198488d ago

Send one to me Sony. I never get stuff like this and I’ve been with PSN since Dec 2006

ninerguy160887d ago

2007 for me. I’ll admit I’ve gotten my fair share of credits and discounts from Sony. If I don’t get one I’ll be ok. But always nice to get stuff from them.

DarXyde87d ago

I joined in 2007 myself. I've given Sony quite a lot over the years--I even supported their more niche projects.

Not that I feel entitled to nice things, but the fact that you've never won anything and neither have I makes me genuinely wonder what exactly their deciding metric is. Perhaps it's truly random and we have terrible luck.

AnubisG87d ago

Same for me. Been on PSN since day one and never gotten anything like this.

Loktai87d ago

Sony gave you some free games etc at one point :) Remember that?

Teflon0286d ago

They've given alot of free things. But it's usually for something. They gave money to ps4 pro owners, ps plus subscribers. People who've accumulated a certain amount of money spent etc. If you haven't got anything. It maybe you're just missing it or don't realize. One year on ps4, basically everyone got money for free, I think it was like a Christmas thing the first year or something. I have so many times, I've legit got maybe $200+ from Sony since I made my account 2007

Sam Fisher87d ago

I feel like its for ppl that are always buying stuff on the market

DarXyde87d ago

While I am mostly physical, I have amassed a pretty respectable digital connection... so I doubt it.

If anything, they offer it to people who never spend to encourage them to use digital currency more often. People who buy from the network often are probably viewed as safe bets for revenue. It's probably the ones who don't that Sony wants because it's a new market.

CannonB886d ago

My library is 95% digital and I don't get these emails.

ziggurcat87d ago

I never get these - even when they sent out one to all day one Pro owners, I still never got anything.

Teflon0286d ago

You know you have to check your ps4 notifications and not your email? Also same if you have Vita. That's how they've always given it to me. Or maybe it could be you need to have your ps4 as a primary console. Or maybe where you live. I'm in Canada and I've always got

ziggurcat86d ago

I check my notifications, too.

Crazyglues87d ago

I never get this, and I'm signed up for stupid emails... dam Sony, I could have use that 10 bucks to order a Frost Elite Skin.... LoL

Teflon0286d ago

It's not sent to your email. It's in your ps4 notificatuons

Crazyglues86d ago (Edited 86d ago )


oh, I thought when it said email he was talking about the email you signed up for the newsletter with, but he's talking about your inbox on the PS4 system... LoL :) Thanks good to know..

Vetalka8387d ago

I usualy get 10 dollars,come on Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.