Onechanbara Origin Developer Planning to Release the Game in the West for PS4

DualShockers learned that D3 Publisher is planning to bring the newly-announced Onechanbara Origin to the west for PS4 at some point.

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CrimsonWing6988d ago

hey, i'll buy it! Just don't go all trying to cater to SJW's over here.

TomatoDragon88d ago

Hell yeah. The gameplay in this series is killer.

annoyedgamer88d ago

I remember that game. That and Lolipop Chainsaw. Re-release them and watch the neon colored feathers fly.

ShaunCameron88d ago

The last OC game was a major step-up in overall gameplay. It was the very 1st PS4 game I bought and Platinum-ed. Looking forward to this.