WWE 2K19 Could Be the Best Wrestling Game in a Long Time [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360 says: "And while publisher 2K Games loves to talk up what's new and different with each WWE 2K entry — such as WWE 2K19's Towers mode that borrows from Mortal Kombat's Challenge Towers and an enhanced creator suite — the biggest changes also happen to be the most obvious: visuals and gameplay."

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melons24d ago

What, since Fire Pro came out last year? Doesn't seem that long.

Prettygoodgamer24d ago

I doubt it, they really need to give the licence to a better dev I think, the 2018 game was so buggy and was never fixed, like crashing constantly just because of some random thing you added in custom entrances and crap like that. I don't think I'll buy another 2k wwe game again after the experience I last had.