Loot Ninja Podcast - October 23rd Edition

Loot Ninja writes:

"Join us this week as our one armed bandits discuss what they're all currently playing, Microsoft wanting to censor you, LittleBigPlanet getting delayed, Bioshock 2 being revealed, Mila Kunis being hot and playing World of Warcraft, and gamers being quick on the draw. Some discussions of falling through iron fences, horrible movie sequels, and wearing Snuggies get thrown in and hilarity ensues."

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taz80803702d ago

Never knew what a snuggie was until now

drunkpandas3702d ago

And now you'll never be able to think of one without cringing

iiprotocolii3702d ago

Great podcast, guys. and, ftw, snuggies are not my forte, dammit.

drunkpandas3702d ago

Snuggies should be everyone's forte. Haha. I wonder if anyone will take me up on the offer I made towards the end of the podcast...

fiercescuba3702d ago

I want an Assassins Creed snuggie

greyishfox3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Metal Gear Snuggies? Bioshock snuggies? scuba, i think you're onto something here.

iiprotocolii3701d ago

Doesn't Old Snake wear a snuggie in the opening of MGS4? I think so! Snake was onto it before we all were!!