Spider-Man PS4: Where to find all 50 secret photo ops to unlock the ESU suit

After you’ve finished every side mission, stopped every crime, and webbed up every bad guy in Marvel’s Spider-man it might seem like you’ve done, and seen everything there is to see in Insomniac’s New York. The good news is, that that’s far from the case, the bad news is that the final thing anyone should do in Spider-Man is tackle the 50 secret photo ops spread across the city to unlock the secret ESU suit.

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P_Bomb84d ago

At level 50 you can buy a mod that reveals all of them on your mini map.

TheKingKratos83d ago

It does not effect the platinum (if no one know this)

I got the plat but i feel empty inside i want more, i want a sequel now
Goddamn you, Spiderman and god of war for doing this to me :(

Moe-Gunz83d ago

You still have to be in the area for it to appear on your mini map. The mod helps but you're still doing it sort of blind with that.

Inzo83d ago

Just get the map. Simple.