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Submitted by BIoodmask 2662d ago | video

GRTV: Ninja Blade Gameplay

Hectic button-mashing / quicktime events galore! Game Reactor filmed some off-screen footage of the upcoming ninja-fighter. (Ninja Blade, Xbox 360)

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user9422077  +   2662d ago
This looks so awesome....I'd be a proud 360 owner for this game!
green  +   2662d ago
I am really really impressed.
CIO Caveman Trolls  +   2662d ago
.. lighting, color tones, small details, fluidity, optics and camera movements are very close to holywood's standards.

Scary. It's a fvcking crime not to believe..
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RAF-TECH  +   2661d ago
so you got your 360

you've been talkin about it on the forum for a while
PS360PCROCKS  +   2662d ago the game always going to have those timed button presses? Or just in this scene? I think I can handle them but it could get a little annoying.
power of Green  +   2662d ago
No it is an action game with QTE scenes linking events/levels and mixed in with epic fights.

I like the way the charactor has a rope and can swing around running up and down sides of buildings like in classic Anime fashion etc.

The animations are impressive...
Ninja Blade on a 4-5 thousand dollar HDTV :(
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u got owned  +   2662d ago
This game could turn out to be good. It looks promising. Great graphics gameplay looks fun.
BIoodmask  +   2661d ago
I think it looks really nice. Both the graphics and the gameplay look top notch.

I read some previews and the producers said the quicktime events are just for the cutscenes. They said they wanted to make the cutscenes interactive for the players.
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MiloGarret  +   2661d ago

I love ninjas. Ninjas are awesome.
nonAsianDroid  +   2661d ago
YES! thanks bloodmask

wow you see that spider fight and they say 360 has reached it's peak... yea ok whatever.
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iceice123  +   2661d ago
Looking forward to it
This game is going to be another great AAA 360 title.
chrisnick  +   2661d ago
RYU PWNS ALL....seriously.....that has to be the worlds slowest ninja.
DNAgent  +   2661d ago
The game is horrible.
People have already seen it in action and it's slow, clunky, and the QTE's are just annoying. It trys to be Ninja Gaiden and fails though it is funny how all the Xbots think this is a AAA game even though it comes from Software (you know, the same people who made Enchanted Arms). Then again, with the 360's awful library of mediocre games maybe this will be a AAA title for them.
RAF-TECH  +   2661d ago
yeah... i know eh?

stupid xbots...

you want a cookie?
nonAsianDroid  +   2661d ago
yeah if it's a ninja game then its a rip off of ninja gaiden cause this game is based on a ninja...

That is the most simpleminded crap I have heard all day
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RAF-TECH  +   2661d ago
This is nice.
I thought it was a ninja gaiden rip-off...

well.... i think it still is BUT..

This new ninja is hardcore....roid rage
nonAsianDroid  +   2661d ago
no it is no where to riping off ninja gaiden
Cusco  +   2661d ago
Whaaa? I can't believe the comments. I expected people to rip this game apart. It looks so lame compared to ninja gaiden 1/2. The fighting is weak and the button presses ... wtf?
Doppy  +   2661d ago
Graphically it looks pretty impressive, but there are wayyyyy to many quick time events. I love GOW and I know it has a lot of QTE's, but they actually take place during the game and actually feel like a part of the gameplay rather than a flashy scen for you to watch.

I was hoping for a successor to Ninja Gaiden, but this deosn't seem to be it. Still it looks like a decent game, based off this video.
ReTarDedFisHy  +   2661d ago
Why the hell do the QTEs restart?!
RAF-TECH  +   2661d ago
true say..
it would have been better if there were alternatives...
like... you miss the rope... so that means... you have take some damage and hit the wall... etc.

But still.. the fluidity of the game is going nice...
It's wierd.. he's so agile and quick to jump... but when it comes to swingin that sword... ddaammm.... sllooooowwwww.
infamous_27  +   2661d ago
okay... quick time events in heavy rain= horrible even though it has amazing graphics?
quick time events in this crap= amzing game even though its a rip off of ninja gaiden..?
Voulnet  +   2661d ago
Stop being lame.
No one said the button presses are lame in Heavy Rain, unless that's the only form of gameplay in that game. (Is it?).

But in Ninja Blade, you have a combination of regular gameplay and cut-scene button presses, I don't see how is that not fun, regardless of the other game.

To me, button presses that are done well and occur in thrilling scenes is always a good thing.
RAF-TECH  +   2661d ago
i think it's a crazy rip off of Ninja Gaiden.

But this game actually lets you control the character but in heavy rain, it feels like pressing "yes" or "no"... watching alternate endings in a dvd...I mean bluray...
MiloGarret  +   2661d ago
I guess the argument would be that its only there to make the player active during the cutscenes where you normally just sit and stare at the screen. While in heavy rain the entire gameplay is focused around QTE's. And it lacks an awesome ninja.

And NG ripoff? That is ridiculous and you (must) know it. I guess you don't think there's been an original fps since Doom, right?
coookiie   2661d ago | Spam
Bathyj  +   2661d ago
No one ever said Heavy Rain is all QTE, what a load of sh*t.

infamous_27 is right, all you Boxinites were knocking Heavy Rain when you saw one, I repeat ONE example of a QTE. Half of you were even saying the whole demo was just a cut scene while it was actually being played in realtime and anyone whose played Indigo Prophecy knows alot of the gameplay is like walking through a cutscene that you are in control of. And at least HR wont have you instantly repeat the QYE atempt if you miss. If you miss in HR then the story plays out that you missed and you have to live with the consequences of that, not get and instant mulligan.

If we're gonna hate something show a bit of consistency guys.
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TresTrendu  +   2661d ago
Well if you are wanting to be consistent then you need to look at previous post and see if any of these guys posted anything bad about Hr, then go from there. Just cause someone said something about the QTE's in HR doesn't mean it was people posting above does it?
coookiie   2661d ago | Spam
Nicolator  +   2661d ago
this game looks really good i thought i was gonna look crap but the camera angles are is .. right up there ...
ultimolu  +   2661d ago
Very impressive.
It does look good.
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LONEWOLF231  +   2661d ago
Man this game looks awesome.
Ninja Gaiden what......
Voulnet  +   2661d ago
The action looks really impressive. For the first time in Ninja games we will be able to control the character as he runs down a building against gravity!
lowcarb  +   2661d ago
This looks freaking amazing, and something worth getting excited for. It looks as though the PS3 will have it's work cut out for it in 2009 since 360 is starting to show some huge stuff already. I really do believe that 2009 will be the year of 360, and now that developers are getting familar with it games like this, Alan Wake, and i'm sure many more to come will set the standard. It also apparent that all the talk of no exclusives on 360 is out the window.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2661d ago
It looks like Heavenly Sword meets Ninja Gaiden but you can't really tell if graphics are amazing with the video quality. I wonder how WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within will do against another ninja game?
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poopface1  +   2661d ago
This game looks pretty good
I love ninja gaiden and this seems kinda similar. I dont think the actual combat will be as good as NG2 as far as the weapons go, but will be more cinematic and about having crazy powers(fighting on the side of a building). I dont think its very similar to NG2, but looks great. I like the idea of QTE, used to play shenmu and dynamite cop(and die hard arcade).
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thereapersson  +   2661d ago
So having QTE's in God of War, Heavy Rain and Heavenly Sword is bad, but having QTE's in this game is okay?
This looks good, but why the hell is there a double-standard here?

edit: the only reason I say that is because those aforementioned games (with the exception of the unproven "Heavy Rain" are my favorite game series', and I constantly see people ripping on the inclusion of QTE's in gameplay, as if it turns it more "shallow".

I think QTE's are fun when used properly (I.E. the God of War boss fights), but I just hate when fanboys rip on something with an unbalanced arguement.

If someone can provide a valid response to this, that isn't full of animosity, I will give them a bubble.
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Lex Luthor  +   2661d ago
Wow! what a suprise! The game looks and plays awesome.
Beforehand i wasn't expecting much at all but now it looks sick.
Definately on my radar.
poopface1  +   2658d ago
there is a spoon if you talking about me
I dont mention those games becasue I don't have a ps3 and haven't played them. I played a demo of heavenly sword and liked it. I usually dont comment on ps3 games but I loose bubbles cause I like 360 more. I have owned ps1/2 but I believe the 360 is a better games machine(besides RROD). Ill get a ps3 eventually(maybe a BC one someday as I sold ps1/2 xbox thinking they would keep it), but I cant afford all the games on 360 that I want now.

So I never said anythig about the QTE(to my knowledge anyways).

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