After an 18 month wait, Nintendo's Online service feels disappointingly flat

There are still glimpses of that magic in Nintendo Online - the way you can interact with friends when playing together on NES games, using a pointer to draw attention to secrets or, even better, applaud - but they're part of an otherwise unremarkable, frequently disappointing whole. It will get better over time, and perhaps most importantly it just works. After 18 months of waiting for it to arrive, though, and following a history of playful subversion, you'd be forgiven for wanting a little more than that.

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Geobros85d ago

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Eurogamer. before 2 days I wanted to the 20 euros for online Nintendo service but now I changed my mind after the trial. I mean....20 euros for having those NES games for one year? No thank you.....

Neonridr85d ago

you do know they are adding more each month right?

Geobros85d ago

Yes I know and I am a NES fan but I have played those games milion times. I would prefer to buy each for 5$ and to know that I own it and I can play it whenever I want. This new strategy with Nintendo online system does not like to me.

Neonridr85d ago

@Geobros - no different than PS+ or GWG. As long as you pay, you can play. Stop paying, stop playing.

River City Ransom? Come on, what a gem of a game, lol.

Besides, we will get more games and more consoles as time goes on.

SegaGamer84d ago

Are you really comparing games available through PS+ and GWG with this? These games are modern, NES games are nearly 30 years old and can be played on pretty much any device now, they also look incredibly dated.

SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, they could have added these games to the service but they went with the cheapest and easiest option available.

Neonridr84d ago

@SegaGamer - the comparison is valid, it doesn't matter what games we are talking about here. Sure, PS+ and GWG games are newer and grander, but we are getting access to an ever-growing library here. Sure I would have loved to see SNES, N64 and possibly even non-Nintendo consoles like we did with the VC. However, I am also willing to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt since it just launched. If in a year we have like 12 more NES games and that is it, then sure, let us all gripe away.

Shikoku84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

No its not actually, PS+ is giving you access to PSvite, PS3 and PS4 games you get cloud saves on all games that support cloud saves, you get party chat on the actually system and PSN actually adds value in other areas besides online play that the Nintendo online does not. Comparing PSN to Nintendo online is like comparing a Chevette to a Corvette.

TheUndertaker8584d ago

I’m just going to point out that Xbox 360 games you get with Games with Gold are yours to keep. They may be last gen games but what are NES games in the span of things? Way beyond last gen.

“On Xbox 360, any Games with Gold titles that you redeem as an Xbox Live Gold member are yours to keep, regardless of whether you continue your subscription.”

Neonridr84d ago

@Shikoku - that's great (assuming you own those other systems). I don't have a PS3, so how does the games they give out benefit me in any way?

I was never talking about the service as a whole, my entire comment was strictly related to the NES games we have access to and the ones that are coming in the future. I compared those games to the free games you get from PS+ and GWG. Talking about party chat and all that is a moot point because we know it's done way better via PSN and XBL, nobody is denying that.

@TheUndertaker85 - that's a great point, I didn't realize that. Bonus for XB1 owners.

Shikoku84d ago

No it wasnt. now you're trying to deflect, you're the one who tried to compare PS+ and GWG to Nintendo's weak online offering. Thats the problem with Nintendo fans they're never critical of Nintendo and just praise everything they do so they feel no pressure to do better or be better because they know you'll support them no matter what.

TekoIie84d ago (Edited 84d ago )


Yeah, but we should wait for the service to have value before buying rather than buying with the expectation that we will one day get our money's worth.


No he's not deflecting. The conversation before (not just in Neonridr's comment but others) was talking strictly about the GWG program and the PS+ monthly games. It's pretty evident that's what the discussion was about. You can absolutely talk about the other negative aspects of the Nintendo Online service but there are ways of doing it without trying to force it.

"Thats the problem with Nintendo fans they're never critical of Nintendo and just praise everything "

That's cute but from what I've been seeing in comment threads recently that's not what's been happening.

Neonridr84d ago

@Shikoku - go read my comments above and show me where I was talking about anything besides the free game offerings. The rest of the service is highly lacking, I was merely drawing a comparison to the subscription model where you have access to these games provided you keep paying (on all 3 systems - minus the 360 games which are yours to keep as pointed out by TheUndertaker).

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Shikoku84d ago

Wait what? But according to Nintendo fanboy websites its generious and awesome.....haha its nice to see someone actually telling the truth about Nintendo.

Blu3_Berry84d ago

It's Nintendo. Why should we have expected anything better from them for the online infrastructure.

chris23584d ago (Edited 84d ago )

why this zero info blogpost? everybody knew that their online service will be abysmal. nintendo supporters are fine with such low quality, everybody else ignores them. so why all the whining now???
do you also whine every day when the sun goes down? or about other given facts in life?

wonderfulmonkeyman84d ago

"nintendo supporters are fine with such low quality "
Stop. Putting. Words. In. Our. Mouths.

Nowhere has it been proven that even a fourth of "us" are "fine" with this at all.

At BEST, you all might be able to claim that some small minority of "us" think that the current offerings match the price tag; paying less is expecting less.

But as for the majority, as far as I've seen across the majority of social media sites and forums, "we" are not fine with this; "we" want to see continuing improvements, and are even willing to pay more for it down the line should that come to pass. [with the exception of me personally, as i don't want to support paywalled multiplayer]

Much of the complaints about the service, outside of the price, are valid complaints, and Nintendo fans are the most vocal about those flaws.

Benjaminkno84d ago

It is disappointing but so what?
Don’t buy it.

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