Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Next Fighter Will Be Android 17

Recently in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, Bandai Namco has revealed that Dragon Ball FighterZ’s DLC next fighter will be Android 17. He’ll be available later this month via paid downloadable content for approximately $4.99 / 500 yen.

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SegaGamer83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Yet another character who was clearly held back at launch so they could sell at a later date. I don't care what anybody says, the season pass for this game is a complete ripoff and everything wrong with modern gaming today. Each and every one of those characters should have been available at launch. This is DLC at it's worse and anybody that supports it is a complete mug. You're supporting games being sold to us in pieces. £29.99 for this? it's got to be one of the most overpriced season passes yet.

gangsta_red83d ago

I definitely agree.

And I also said earlier that I hope this game wouldn't follow the traditional DBZ games by offering the same character just in different forms.

And they did exactly that. 3 Vegetas, 5 Goku's. It's ridiculous.

Yi-Long82d ago

The worst of their DLC greed isn't even the characters, although many of them have been underwhelming, but leaving out the original music in order to sell it seperately at a premium price...

Disappointing. Game looks amazing, loved the gameplay when I played the Beta, but the DLC greed actually stopped me from buying it. Would have paid 60 bucks for a complete game, but now I'm waiting for a complete edition to hit the bargain bins...

GrizzliS198782d ago

so lets get together and support the new smash bros. show them what sales figures a dev deserves when they go all out with a game dammit

kayoss82d ago

Long gone are the days where developers focused on making a complete game as the priority and DLC's were just an after thought. Now, its all about, "where can we cut content to use as DLCs?". When you have a complete plan for DLCs before the main game is even done, that's when you know that the developers are already trying to milk their customers.

snowb42082d ago

And this is why I don't play many fighting games anymore.