PS4 Kingdom Hearts III Edition Announced for Japan

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Square Enix have announced the PlayStation 4 Kingdom Hearts III Edition for Japan. It will launch alongside the game on January 25, 2019.

The bundle will include a Jet Black standard PlayStation 4 with a Kingdom Hearts III-themed top cover, a Kingdom Hearts III original theme, Kingdom Hearts III original design packaging for the PlayStation 4 box, a Jet Black DualShock 4 wireless controller, monoaural headset, power cord, HDMI cable, and USB cable. A copy of Kingdom Hearts III is not included. It will be available in 500 gigabyte and one terabyte options for 33,980 yen and 38,980 yen, respectively

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PhoenixUp82d ago

“A copy of Kingdom Hearts III is not included.”

Wow what dafuq?

DarkVoyager82d ago

How could they possibly leave out the game? This is a new low.

porkChop82d ago

Yeah that's pretty dumb. If it's a KHIII-themed console, it should come with that game. It's like the super expensive collector's editions of games that don't even come with the game.

PhoenixUp82d ago

Here’s another huge point of contention

“It will be available in 500 gigabyte and one terabyte options for 33,980 yen and 38,980 yen, respectively.”

1.) Why even make a 500GB option avaible? Weren’t all those models discontinued in favor of the standard 1TB models? The latter model will always be far more valuable in the long run than the former model.

2.) 33,980 yen and 38,980 yen roughly translates to $300 & $350. Not only does this not come with the game, they’re selling the 500GB model for the same price you can get a standard 1TB model elsewhere.

Neonridr82d ago

yeah not sure I am with them on this one. Nice console, but the lack of the game is a real head-scratcher.

flaming_scorpion82d ago

Guys this is just a standard PS4 slim, they haven’t announced a release date for the Pro version of the console yet

inxine81d ago

"we're giving u a kingdom hearts 3 themed ps4!!!! but u still have to buy the game separately"
weird choice. lol.