343 Developer Says Halo Infinite Will Not Contain Real-Money Loot Boxes

Gamers still know next-to-nothing about 343 Industries’ upcoming Halo Infinite but we do continue to get some smaller tidbits of news about the project every now and then.

Today’s nugget of Halo Infinite info comes by way of Chris Lee, who is the Studio Head FPS at 343 Industries. Lee responded to a fan’s comment on Twitter about Halo Infinite and the fact that it will contain microtransactions. Despite containing in-game purchases, Lee clarified that any extra money you spend within Infinite won’t ever go towards that of loot boxes.

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darthv7282d ago

Well that's nice to hear. So.... what's the fine print?

spicelicka82d ago

There are microtransactions but will most likely be cosmetic, no gambling for shit, you get what you pay for. The fine print basically means you would have REQ packs like in halo 5, where you spend xp points to open random packs. This is all an assumption based on their wording and history though.

As long as there's no pay 2 win bullshit and everything is cosmetic I'm good.

Hungryalpaca82d ago

Guess I’m skipping halo infinite then.

CaptainObvious87882d ago

This means nothing. It just means you won't be directly buying loot boxes with real money, but you could be spending real money to get currency and then using that currency to buy loot boxes.

It's how a lot of parasite publishers are getting around the current laws and legislation around in game purchases.

And also, how many times have MS bold faced lied? I don't believe a single word they say.

I've never been a halo fan, but I know the fandom is very passionate and I genuinely wanted MS to give them a sequel they could love. Right now it's just looking like a hollow live service game. RIP Halo.

yarbie100082d ago

Very specific. Does it contain loot boxes?
Does it contain microtransactions?
Does it contain credits you buy with real money?
What was the point of them making this statement?

Goldenhawk52182d ago (Edited 82d ago )

People started to see job listings that showed that the developers planned on adding micro transactions, so one of them rushed to twitter for a quick damage control. So the point was to calm the audience down to keep them from getting negative media attention. They probably aren't sure yet of how exactly it'll be implimented, so they can't be specific yet.

Deeke82d ago

It's going to have microtransactions. Taking even a cursory look around Microsoft's current engagement/live service strategies is really enough, not to mention how much REQ Packs have earned.

No purchasable loot boxes is great, though you should always expect a hook somewhere. Gotta keep gamers playing and paying.

FallenAngel198482d ago

How “gracious” of them...but it’s still gonna have microtransactions so I guess that “generosity” only goes so far

Blastoise82d ago

Yeah having no lootboxes doesn't really mean the game won't be effected by Microtransactions. Street Fighter V has no lootboxes, as far as I know. The grind is still there, and Capcom know it, which is why they offer you "options".

Saying a game has no lootboxes makes for a nice PR statement, but loads of mobile games have no lootboxes and their in game economies are still trash

conanlifts82d ago

I am happy with cosmetic microtransactions in exchange for free updates and not having to buy a season pass. Particularly as you can usually earn these items in game anyway. So if people want to randomly spend money on skins so I can get extra content without paying I say go for it. The real question is why do people actually spend money on cosmetic items, particularly ones that can eventually be earnt in game.

Kribwalker82d ago

me too. especially if the support is like Halo 5 where they released multiple modes and more than 16 maps to it

Goldenhawk52182d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Because they don't want to wait and want to skip the grind that the developers made on purpose to get people to want to spend money. Either way, if there was something I really wanted that was in the game and available to purchase, I wouldn't buy it. I don't like ANY microtransations in any game. When microtransactions are added to a game, 99% of the time, the grind of the game is increased and it becomes less fun for me.

sawoosevens82d ago

I guess you never played games in the pass when they were actually complete. Today's gaming standards are horrible, people that accepts MT/lootbox are making games no longer fun to play but rather feel like your paying someone to work for them.

82d ago
conanlifts82d ago (Edited 82d ago )


I started gaming on a spectrum then moved to NES, Mega drive etc. You need to take into account a few things about modern gaming. Firstly games are far bigger than they used to be and they are also far cheaper in comparison. The price of new games has been at the same sort of level for a long time. As for being incomplete. Seriously a different colour weapon or skin has no impact on gameplay. I have never played a game like gears and thought "wow my pink luminous bubble gnasher completes this game, it is the missing link". If it is purely cosmetic in exchange for 2 or more years of free updates and expansions ( like Division 2, gears 4 etc) then I have no issue with it. Microtransactions are making season passes free, lets praise the people who want to weirdly spend money on these cosmetics while people like us keep our hands firmly in our pocket and enjoy the added content for FREE.

( I am firmly talking about cosmetics, I take issue with any micro transactions that effect the actual gameplay like new weapons, mods etc. In addition lootboxes in my opinion prey on the weak and children and I hate gambling style lootboxes or mystery boxes for purchase.)

sawoosevens82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

You do make a valid point I agree with you, see the thing I think companies should make money and also make it a fun experience for the consumer, for some odd reason the gaming industry can't seem to please us and the investors at the same time instead they opp to pleasing investors. they are choosing the wrong side to please at the pace things are going there maybe huge collapse one of these days. Sony seems to have found a formula that works hopefully they don't deviate from it.

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sinspirit82d ago

And, they've mislead several times with Forza microttansactions releasing shortly after release when most reviews are out and give positive remarks for not having a level of reliance on them.

DerekTweed82d ago

As far as I know Forza 7 doesn't have any real money loot boxes. They have car packs as micro-transactions and they have mod packs that you can buy with in game money.

It is my understanding that they actually had intended to add the option to purchase some kind of points (Tokens?) that you could use to buy prize crates or cars and upgrades but they changed their mind and never introduced them.

Forza Horizon 4 will also not have any Tokens as far as I know.

spicelicka81d ago

To be fair, all Halo 5 DLC was free. They were adding new maps, game modes, weapons, vehicles, skins, and forge features for month after the game. I think that's a better trade off than seasons passes and having to buy DLC maps which get locked and divide the community.

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Sciurus_vulgaris82d ago

Halo Infinite will probably have MTs for weapon skins, emblems and armour (& armour pieces). Even though I personally don’t care for MTs, having purchased with no RNG is much more fair to consumers than loot boxes.

CrimsonWing6982d ago

Oh ok, so they’ll be included and unlocked by in game currency that you can buy as DLC? I think what most people are wanting to hear is, “There will be no Loot boxes included in Halo.” Not that they won’t be “real-money” loot boxes.

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