IGN: Burn Zombie Burn Q&A

Burn Zombie Burn is a new game for PlayStation Network from developer doublesix that takes the best of arcade shooters and mixes it up with the undead – a match made in heaven, if you ask IGN. Coming to the PlayStation 3's download service towards the end of January, it's a high score based blast through legions of zombies that's taken more than a few cues from some of the best in American B-Movies. IGN threw a few questions towards the game's creative director Jim Mummery to find out more.

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avacadosnorkel3379d ago

if it costs 5 bucks I'll think about it.

LevDog3379d ago

If they can do this.. Why not bring back.. Zombies ate my neighbors?? Where are the remakes of classics?? I mean Bionic commando? really? Why not Mutant league series? Or Zombies ate my neighbors? You can easily upgrade those and sell them for 5-10 bucks..

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