NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti unable to run numerous triple-A games in 4K with 60fps on Ultra settings

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve already stated, the first third-party benchmarks for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti have surfaced, however I believe that we should focus on some triple-A games that cannot run with 60fps in 4K. You see, NVIDIA has advertised this graphics card as a 4K/60fps GPU, however that isn’t the case for numerous games."

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Iceball200086d ago

I’m sure more optimized drivers are needed.

on_line_forever86d ago

If you want ALL games on 2019 and 2020 to work in native 4K with 60fps on Ultra settings you need 3080ti because 2080ti is not enough to at chives this goal on all games specialy open world's games

on_line_forever86d ago

2080ti should play all the games will be release in 2019 and 2020 in 4K with 60fps on Ultra settings with out ray tech but that not gonna happen and its very disappointing

frostypants86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

By "should", you mean you wish it did. Why "should" it? Would you prefer they cancelled it and came up with something more expensive that could?

TheArkatek86d ago

So the question it is:

Is the video card not as good as advertised OR are the games POORLY OPTIMIZED.

I running 2 Titan XPs and NBA 2k19 runs like shit. GAME IS NOT OPTIMIZED WELL AT ALL FOR PC.

ChrisW85d ago

The RTX line really seems like a rushed product. The biggest reason why people are so hyped about it, is because of Ray Tracing.

However, there's not a single game available that uses it. Tomb Raider will be able to use it in an update that is to come later. Battlefield is getting delayed. And all sorts of other things going on.

I'm so glad that I decided to wait instead of pre-ordering. I'd be so frustrated to have something that I couldn't fully use.

Dabigsiebowski85d ago

You must be referring to Finewine...That's AMD

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kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Man dsog drives me nuts with their hyperbolic and negative take on everything. The benchmark numbers look great on the new cards, yet this is how they chose to present it...

kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

why am I getting disagrees? I think people need to give their heads a shake. You are seriously going to shit all over the 2080ti because it gets 53 fps in the most demanding games out at 4k and max settings? Turn down a single setting for goodness sake!

playnice86d ago

If I pay that kind of money for the latest and the best videocard I expect to be able to max it out.

kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Well they found 4 games where you still cant, Kingdom Come goes way beyond other games and the 3 other games simply have optimization issues. PC games have these settings for a reason, and devs dont really care if you can or cant max the game when it comes out. Heck sometimes they are targeting using the full power of future cards at lower than 4k. Hell some games have 4x msaa enabled when you set max settings, there is no need of it at 4k!

instantstupor86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Yea, the cards are solid but the prices are not great. The 2080Ti has some great numbers attached, but it is a card that is currently being sold for no less than $1200. That is an absurd price point. It is 70% more expensive than the 1080Ti launched for over 2 years ago, but the in-game performance only improves an average of 25%. This is something I, along with others, called ages ago. You could tell that typically rasterized games were going to top out around that when looking at the number of CUDA cores these cards had over their 10xx series counterparts.

Maybe the Ray Tracing or AI cores will prove to be very useful, have better performance than the initial hands on (struggling to hit 1080p 60fps with Ray Tracing on), and will be widely supported features (even though they are only available on a very select few new cards compared to the sea of older, non-RTX cards). I think that there is a lot of disappointment to be had with this generation of cards when looking at how generational leaps used to occur and how it took 2 years between the 10xx and 20xx series cards to just get here.

The RTX features are a big unknown, so that may change the outlook on the value proposition going forward. And I think the next gen of RTX cards will be where things get truly interesting. But for now, I can see why people are mostly underwhelmed. If you have a 1080Ti, you aren't going to get $1200 worth of performance out of these cards in traditionally rasterized games. And, for now, that's all we can really focus on.

kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

@instantstupor Yes the prices are high and Ill wait, but people are buying them like crazy at this price so I cant blame nvidia. Keep in mind these are only the high end cards, there is no mainstream option other than an older card.

Goldenhawk52186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

What I’ve learned from being on N4G is that this website has a completely different audience than most other websites. When you make any reasonable comments, you will get downvoted tremendously on here. Your common audience for this place are children and unreasonable, arrogant adults. So one thing here is, is that the RTX lighting option is probably turned on from those benchmark numbers, but when turned off, the card performs even better. Even when the setting is on, the GTX 1080 ti, an officially $700 card that has been out for a while now, is being outperformed tremendously by a card that isn’t even out yet. This article also only shows a few select games and every game is optimized differently and the card isn’t even out until tomorrow. The statistics that are shown is from a card that isn’t even out and isn’t fully optimized yet with driver updates. The Titan XP released at $1,200 as the world’s fastest gaming gpu when it first launched. It is outperformed now by the newly releasing RTX 2080ti at a $200 cheaper launch price. I’m starting to learn to ignore the comment votes and as you’ll probably see my comment reply be downvoted by multiple people. That’s just how it goes on here but is kinda fun for me to watch the downvote clicks roll in as I know it doesn’t really matter on N4G as it being an acception.

instantstupor86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

@Goldenhawk521 The benchmark numbers are not using Ray Traced lighting options as there isn't currently any game that has published support for it - even tech reviewers don't have access to any ray traced games to test yet. The feature needs a Windows 10 update for DirectX12 RT for it to even be supported, and that isn't releasing until next month. After release, only 9 games are announced to have Ray Tracing support between the end of 2018 and 2019.

So what we ultimately see is a $1200 card, a 70% increase in price over the older 1080Ti flagship, only producing 25% average gains. That's using typical rasterization techniques, so that's applicable to 99.99999% of all games since less than a dozen are even confirmed to have an update planned for future release to use the Ray Tracing features. And when there were hands on for Ray Tracing last month, more than a few sources claimed the games they saw were running at 1080p, not 4k, and they were struggling to hit 60fps. And that's on the $1200 card that has more of the tensor and AI cores than the 2080.

There's a lot to consider with this generation of cards, and the value proposition is a big concern this time around.

Eldyraen86d ago

Kingdom come isn’t really known for its solid optimization though. It’s a cool rpg and looks great but has its technical quirks too.

dumahim86d ago

Because people seem to think 4k and 60fps is all there is anymore. Any other graphical setting better be free! Better details, better physics, ray tracing? No! I might not run 4k and 60 fps!!

gapecanpie86d ago

This card is making me think about going back to playing consoles again..... Don't know what Nvidia was thinking with this one.

Cobra95185d ago

Because a 30% improvement in performance isn't worth nearly a 70% increase in price, particularly when greater generational leaps have come in the past at no price increase, or even a price decrease.

Evilryusam85d ago

@GoldenHawk I know that instant basically already said what i wanted to say, but to make matters even worse is that by the time we actually have a plethora of AAA games making use of both the RT, and the new Deep learning SSAA ( which btw just like the DX12 update that hasn't come out yet is unavailable to RTX owners) the next series of gpus from Nvidia will more then likely be near release or already out in the market, due to AMD releasing there own cards, and potentially seeing Intel's own discrete GPU's.

rashada0785d ago (Edited 85d ago )

If you paid 800-1200$ for a "cutting edge" GPU then yes you definitely purchased the ticket to complain. If you didn't and are interested in PC gaming or tech in general it's no problem with being disappointed.

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Hungryalpaca86d ago

Dude. The card costs $1500 where I live. I paid $600 for my 1080. I’m not paying MORE THAN DOUBLE for a 25-30% increase. That’s just stupid.

ossyc86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

No offence but the 2080Ti, is about 100% increase over the standard 1080 - 50% over the 1080Ti

frostypants86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

@ossyc, the problem is it probably needs to be more like 200% more powerful to do 4K @ 60fps (at the same ultra settings) reliably. People don't appreciate how big the increased demand of 4K is.

Neonridr85d ago

@ossyc - no, just no. The benchmarks clearly show it's about a 25% gain over a 1080ti.

TekoIie85d ago


Maybe we should all wait for Benchmark videos before we declare anything about these cards. I usually turn a few things down in the settings anyway (shadows, lighting, AA and effects) so for me, it'd likely be 4k 60fps.

Crazyglues86d ago

Wow this is a shocker.... :( oh wow

kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Look at the actual benchmarks and note they are refusing to turn down any settings, yet its still really close to 60 fps in even the very most demanding games. These guys are really going out of their way to find games that dont run 4k 60 at max settings, we are talking 4 games.

KwietStorm86d ago

Why are you defending it so hard?

DarXyde86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

4 demanding games.

It's fair game. They're benchmarking the card, and frankly, I see why people disagree with you.

It is powerful, no doubt. But the asking price and not getting pristine performance is a little insulting, don't you think? Especially if you're in the market to "future proof" your rig.

Honestly, this is JUST a GPU and it costs so much. People shouldn't need to compromise and turn down settings, in my opinion.

kevnb86d ago

@KwietStorm because this is misleading journalism and should be called out, I thought this was obvious.

cooperdnizzle85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Kevnb, people are just haters on these right now. They don’t understand what just happened. They get off on FPS for some reason. Like it really gets them off.

Raytracing is the future, to have any real time raytracing is pretty amazing actually. These so called “gamers” are just flat out wrong.

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kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I am so tired of misleading articles like this, i think they should be taken down. Nvidia said 60 fps 4k, yet websites like this change the target to 4k 60 fps max settings and poop all over nvidia for getting 53 fps max settings in a handful of the most demanding games... its sickening.

Darkwatchman86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a 2 year old game built to target current generation platforms. The console versions are equivalent to the pc’s high pre-set so there’s only one preset above that and the fact that this brand new high end $1,200 card can’t run max 4k at 60fps is a little concerning. Even overclocked, it can’t manage it.

kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

The ps4 runs it at high 1080 and 30 fps, running at ultra on pc enables very expensive soft shadows which eats 20-40 fps depending on scene. Why wouldnt people just turn that off? You can barely even notice the difference but there is a huge performance hit, i actually think the soft shadows look like garbage.

Weeblordbad86d ago

The expectation that the 2000 series was going to make 4k at 60fps+ a reality was always a pipe dream. There was a time when the high end cards of the day couldn't max out every game at 1080/1200p.

Remember, Ultra being one step above high doesn't mean that the performance deficit scales linearly. It has never worked that way with PC games, so I'm a little stumped as for why you would use a metric like that.

kevnb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

@WeebLord All these games have settings that tank fps, deux ex has soft shadows that eat 20-40 fps and they dont even look good. So yes the 2080ti can do 4k 60 fps end of story. Even if there is one game that only gets 50 fps no matter what, that is the game more than the card wouldnt you agree?

annoyedgamer86d ago

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is one of the best looking games I have played recently why try to downplay it? Tell Nvidia to lower their price or improve the car performance.

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playnice86d ago

Lmao I bet can run a lot of games at 4k 60 fps if you start turning settings down. Hell my laptop with 1050ti can run skyrim at 4k 30 fps maxed out with barely a few dips.

kevnb86d ago

You are missing the point, they found 4 games where they can turn settings high enough to tank it down to around 53 fps. Deus Ex soft shadows look horrible and tank fps, why would you leave them on other then to make the card look bad?

jmc888886d ago

This is the standard, it always has been. The only times they take stuff off, is the real proprietary or buggy stuff like hairworks are something like that. I've even seen the 2080ti WITHOUT hairworks still can't hit 4k/60 with a 2080ti.

You are also missing the point that if you turned down a couple of settings the 1080ti in many games would hit 4k/60.

Hell a 1070 can get pretty close on many games if you turn down a bunch of settings. 45-70 FPS at 4k isn't hard on a 1070 if you lower the settings quite a bit. But that's a 2 1/4 year old card that cost $399.

The 2000 series is a sidegrade mostly. They shifted the lines. The 2080ti is really the 2080. The 2080 is really the 2070. The 2070 is really the 2060. They are basically asking $499-599 for the XX60 line, and $799 for the XX70 line, and $999-$1099 for the .

The 2080 barely beats a 1080ti in many games.

The raytracing stuff runs horribly taking games that could be 4k/60-100 down to 1080-1440/50-60... and that's on the 2080ti.

We see the Star Wars RT thing hitting 45-65 at 1440p with the 2080ti, 35-55 for the 2080. The 2070 is likely 25-45. That's at 1440p. It's horrible.

At 4k even the 2080 hits a min framerate of 4 or 6 FPS.

So the Raytracing stuff just isn't ready. It's just to get it in there as a stepping stone and to get developers to support it so that in 1-3 GPU generations from now, the GTX 2100 to 2300 series actually runs them well.

In the meantime it's simply a more expensive sidegrade where they shifted the lines down one.

It's just not good for the consumer. Exciting future tech, maybe a hit they had to take at some point, but the higher prices and poor overall upgrades leave much to be desired from a gamer standpoint. Had they called it more of a sidegrade and priced it similar or even cheaper, it would have been received much better. But that's not what they did. They threw in tech that is mostly worthless that increased the costs of the chip while sacrificing gains they could have had, used charts with DLSS and other stuff to say it would hit X, which is a bit disingenuous (though this time it's worse and in conjunction with everything else it gets called out), it doesn't hit that X (which makes that even worse because they can't even hit their cherry picked scenario), they continued with the founder edition scalping price that they caught flack for last time, and it costs way too much.

Gamers had to pay the mining tax, now they are paying the ray tracing tax.

I truly hope this is a short GPU generation and they release the 7nm next year.

Unless your card burns out or you have a really, really old one, or you want to do a big class upgrade it just isn't worth it.

Again, let me put it to you this way. The GTX 970 was $329 at launch. The GTX 2070 (which is now the 3rd fastest card at launch or basically really a GTX 2060) costs $599. Founders addition AND ray tracing tax.

playnice86d ago

@kevnb I respectfully disagree, regardless of whether the RTX series is good enough or not my impression is lots of gamers (myself included) believe it is overpriced.

Darkwatchman86d ago


Your comment about “even if it was only one game...” would hold true, but Hellblade was the only game they tested that ran 60fps. All the others were either in the mid-high 40’s or low 50’s and that’s not a good look for a $1,200 card with already released games, some of which are up to 2 years old and built to target current gen console platforms.

This isn’t like the old days with Crysis where it was an incredibly demanding PC only game that pioneered various graphical and rendering techniques like SSAO. These are games built for pc and console, when in the best case, the console versions run at the high preset as with Mankind Divided.

Goldenhawk52186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Any new high end card that has ever launched within the past couple years had newest titles that it couldn’t run at 4k 60 fps. I don’t see what the difference is with this card. When the Titan Xp first launched, there were some games out there it couldn’t run at a full max 4k 60. Even the gtx 1080ti. So what? It has the capabilities and therefore the hardware to do it. It all comes down to optimization and driver updates. It’s a card that has more potential than current cards and isn’t even officially out yet

on_line_forever86d ago

2080ti should priced 800$ not 1،200

Nvidea must improve the performance or lower their price for this card

annoyedgamer86d ago

They need to lower the price, the card isnt worth the asking price.

sinspirit85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

When people compare performance of cards they compare with all graphics settings maxed out. This also makes sure to prioritize the graphics processing hardware as the bottleneck.

That's the best way to see the total performance gain and how much progress we have till the most demanding games can be run at ease.

Again, for comparing total performance gain.
During real world use, someone that doesn't want any FPS drop will change a few settings.

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ProjectVulcan86d ago

RTX2080ti is by far the most powerful graphics card anyone can buy. It's extremely expensive but at least they can claim there is simply no better than this available, and they would be right.

It's a monster of a card that will run any game you name maxed or virtually maxed in full native 4K at high frame rates and thus fine by me if they claim it's the first true 4K 60FPS card.