IncGamers: Imagine Fashion Designer Unplayed

Lee Tharjick, IncGamers' resident offensive reviewer is back, this time looking at Ubisoft's newest Imagine title.

An excerpt:

So Ubisoft's Imagine Fashion Designer New York offers those of us that are more inclined to shop at C&A on the continent a chance to design our own line of clothing. As C&A cater for the slightly larger woman, I decided that this would be the starting point of my conversation.

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Leord3705d ago

The phone calls are the highlights of Lee. I love him so =)

Maticus3705d ago

Excellent comedy as always from Lee, well done.

Wuushu3705d ago

Love it, love it, love it! Can't leave it!

kalos3705d ago

Lee's continued war with management is always funny. I hope he continues to provide many humorous reviews, as I do enjoy encountering them.