Miyamoto on Project H.A.M.M.E.R., 3D gaming devices

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. has had an interesting development cycle, to say the least. Nintendo first unveiled the title way back at E3 2006, stating that it would be an original IP that the company would bring to Wii. Since then, there's been murmurs that the game was canned. Then in May, NGamer said the title was still alive and was being worked on. Shigeru Miyamoto, however, recently responded when asked about the game...

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Smacktard3702d ago

Good to hear about Project HAMMER.

Also, lol'd about the dislike for the goggle idea. Hmm, I wonder why he doesn't like that idea? (Virtual Boy, much?)

Product3702d ago

interesting......does this mean nintendo is where its at with motion controls?will there be more then just where we are at?
no headgear.....what else could there be really?
although maybe nintendo wont need headgear i heard philips has made a 3d tv where without glasses the images come off the screen........maybe this kind of tech is for tv makers not video game makers.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

" headgear i heard philips has made a 3d tv where without glasses the images come off the screen"

Iv'e seen that thing in action, its awesome....but...
it also has its own flaws.

For example if you are not sittin/standing in the center...blurry screen, and bad 3D effect.
Movies with 3d Special effects will look really really fake.
The effect of it coming out of the screen works great, but you will see that they are more CGI than ever before.

However since i was standing correctly in front of the TV pinokkio's nose looked freaking awesome in shrek 2.
300, with the 3D effect looked...really fake -_-.

But these tv's are improving and i really liked what i saw, and since 3D games do not need some special updates they will work directly with these tv's. So yes, according to the guy who gave me info about it said it will work fine with 3D software/games.

Sarah Palin3702d ago

"i heard philips has made a 3d tv where without glasses the images come off the screen" ----you mean optimized 120hz refresh rates? yeah its like the most hi-def progressive scan feature EVER. It also makes your movies look like a "Behind The Scenes" featurette. I like watching movies, KNOWING its a movie. Its great for sports, nature shows, etc. BUT--there is one exception to the 120hz movie thing, SPEED RACER. I swear I eyes bled.

I made these same comments at a Republican Dinner Party. People thought I was smart. Next Thing you know, I'm asked to run for VP. Crazy world we live in. One day your daughter is knocked up, because the state you live in is "Boring"---next thing you know, your runnin for US VP. lol. goodtimes.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

" you mean optimized 120hz refresh rates?"

No optical 3D effect.

Sarah Palin3702d ago

SAMSUNG seems to think so. I saw one at best buy this weekend, when I was picking up How To Run The Country For Dummies.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago


for dummies ey?
Well in that case, How do you think, that you can provide every household with a gaming console in the USA?

Product3701d ago

thats what im saying ...maybe tvs are gonna bring a new tech to software apps.
imagine an imax theater in you home with motion