Here's A Killer Deal For Xbox One Owners

If you have an Xbox One, you'll want to take a look at this deal. Between now and September 30, you can get a year's subscription to Xbox Game Pass, plus copies of Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7 to keep, for $99. Considering a 12-month Game Pass subscription alone normally costs $120, that's a seriously great deal even if you're not into racing games. You can get the deal here.

But for those who are into racing games, you'll also be able to play Forza Horizon 4 for free when it launches on October 2. That's because it's a Microsoft-published game, and all first-party games are included in Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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darthv7288d ago

I have both of those games already (in ultimate steelbook editions) but that is a good deal for someone considering GP and may not have those two.

lxeasy88d ago

I have gamepass also, I do wish these awesome deals were around when I got it though lol

smily359187d ago

That's a good deal just got it. I can officially say I have game pass now! 😎

lxeasy87d ago

Congrats, is a smart purchase. Especially if you don't but many games often and see m have a lot game you want to check it that you may have missed

annoyedgamer87d ago

I will never join gamepass so stop trying to sell it to me. Give me a good trade in deal on a One X.

87d ago
King_Noctis87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

“I will never join gamepass so stop trying to sell it to me.”

Good for you then. I don’t know why some people feel like they are the center of the world.

lxeasy87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Game stop has a ton of trade in deals for the Xbox One X. If you haven't jumped on it yet you probably aren't really planning on getting it.

DarXyde87d ago

Must admit, this is a pretty solid deal.

I'm expecting a pretty aggressive holiday season push from Microsoft.

Great way to secure revenue, I might add: since it's harder to sell hardware to those who already have it... securing continuous income from current owners (and new/future owners) is a pretty baller move. It's $99 now, but I am feeling certain this is not a locked in pricing for those who opt in. Even so, it hardly matters since people will continue to pay to maintain access.

Definitely a power move, and a good one at that. I personally will not be taking advantage of this since time will not permit any time soon for me (I don't even have Playstation Plus right now). I would encourage others to seize the opportunity though.

Razzer87d ago

Do what I do. Use Microsoft Rewards and get Game Pass for free. It really isn't that hard..

lxeasy87d ago

You must have a lot of points. Isn't it a little over 9000 points to get a month?

Razzer87d ago

Yes, but better to stock up your points and go for 3 months for 17,000. Occasionally there are sales as well. Last time I was able to get 3 months for 13,000 points. Right now, my subscription runs out in next month. But I have 14,980 points so in a week or two I will be able to add another 3 months. Just in time for Forza Horizon 4.