Gears of War 2 TV Ad to Air Today

GamePlasma writes:

"Microsoft has announced that their 60 second ad spot for Gears of War 2, titled Last Day, will premier today on Yahoo! Games online. The TV ad shows "the last precious moments that Marcus Fenix and other members of the intrepid Delta Squad spend above ground as they prepare for the most important battle of their lives – the battle for humanity's very survival."


The trailer is now up on GamePlasma.

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Fishy Fingers3701d ago

Umm... why WOULDNT it be made using the UE3?

dxmnecro3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Point taken until we see the actual commercial

Fishy Fingers3701d ago

I understand that. But I mean it's a Gears ad, what are they going to show other than Gears? Perhaps you'll have some text on screen (release date etc) but thats simple font work, I guess I'll have to see the ad to truly understand what they're getting at.

Bnet3433701d ago

Hmm ... I thought this gave this already. I was watching Ghost Hunters last night on Sci-Fi and during commercial they gave some kind of Gears of War 2 ad but I am guessing this one is different?

Lifendz3701d ago

The ad from the first game was crazy. I loved the chaotic feel and the soft melodic music.

Caxtus7503701d ago

The song is by "Devotchka" and is called "How it Ends".

Gears have done it again - produced another great advert.

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Counter_ACT3701d ago

Am I meant to be impressed its using UE3?

VampHuntD3701d ago

For those of you that have seen the Resistance 2 ad, I'm wondering if this one will be as good. We'll have to wait and see, but eitehr way I'm getting this one.

CliffordM Bleszinski3701d ago

the resistance 2 ad with those crazy people sucked. they should have just used the trailers instead of that sh^t. the trailers were way better.

this is the first of the many ads you will see for gears 2. i know its not as good as mad world, but what video game ad is?

Omega43701d ago

If the mad world ad from Gears 1 is anything to go by this new one should be something special

running rampid3701d ago

the mad world ad was special.

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The story is too old to be commented.