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Twinfinite writes: "f you were a big fan of Destiny 1, were disappointed by vanilla Destiny 2, but have it in you to give the series one last shot by trying Forsaken, I believe that you’ll walk away being happy you did. "

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Altovoltage21487d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I’m not spending another dime on this game. This is was it should of been on release.

WorldGamer87d ago

You said it. As much as people hate on BFV, at least they learned their lesson and are going to a model of "free" add-ons. I think we are getting to a point where nickel and diming the consumer will backfire on these companies. DLC should expand the universe of said game, not add elements that should have been in the "vanilla" version initially. Uncharted did this correctly, as did Horizon Zero Dawn. I agree I'll spend my money elsewhere.

D3TH_D33LR87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

While I agree with where the game should’ve been, the expansion is great. Got my moneys worth

Sirk7x87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I said the same thing a couple days ago. It's a shame, because the game is excellent now, but by releasing the game in the state they did they've done irreparable damage to the brand. Good job Activision. Could have given Bungie another year and Destiny would have been received praise from all directions.

maybelovehate87d ago

Best video game available on any platform right now. If you aren’t playing Destiny 2 right now, you are missing out.

Elwenil87d ago

In my opinion, Destiny 2 is a damn joke. It's an overpriced continuation of the ridiculously horrid (lack of?) story writing from the first game, with a campaign that might be 4 hours if you are lucky and the usual endless grind for better gear that amounts to crumbs fallen from a table. Meanwhile if you didn't buy the DLC, you are stuck at level 20 while you watch guys who are level 50 obliterate everything with much more powerful weapons and much higher power levels. Now I'm not saying that DLC shouldn't have extra items and progression, but the way Destiny is done, it's like it is putting constant pressure on a player to buy the DLC so they can catch up. It's not wrong, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and just cements the idea that I will never give them a dime of my money.

Now I can't say how the Forsaken DLC is as I am not playing it, but the base game is just a rehash of the first with all the same mistakes and practices of dubious ethics. Both Destiny 1 and 2 do have excellent combat and the movement is superb. It's just a shame to look at the game and what it could have been if it had direction and a better story and a lot less greed. Just my .02

maybelovehate87d ago

What was wrong with the story in vanilla D2? I remember liking it just fine. Had a fun twist on our power. There were some things that didn't add up in the sense there are literally millions of us guardians but if you can get over that hurdle it was a fun story. I didn't grind vanilla D1 that hard since there were some issues with the gear having static roles etc but I still had over 200 hours in it. Which is way more than most games I play. I wouldn't argue with the value. But the Forsaken DLC really upped the grind game, having a blast. Closest thing we will ever have to a shooting Diablo.

Elwenil86d ago

"What was wrong with the story in vanilla D2?"

^^^ This is why I am no longer taking anything you say seriously.

maybelovehate86d ago

But why, D2 reviewed extremely well with the story being a high point. The Osiris story was weak but vanilla d2 story was well regarded.