Mercenaries 2 Patched With Trophy Support - Mercenaries 2 has now been patched for the PS3 to include Trophy support in Europe and should arrive in the US shortly also. So if you fancy going through it again for some trophy love, you can.

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Hydrolex3707d ago

- Far Cry 2
- Mercenaries 2
GTA IV soon

nagging4gamers3707d ago

here's my question. When will GTA4 receive trophies? i have heard that rumor several times now. It looks like this summer is shaping up to be great!!! i will rent a whole lot of games with trophies.


Mercs 2



jahcure3707d ago

i already finished this game and it was painful. I dunno if i wanna go through all this again for trophies to be honest but is there any word on if it's retro, since the game file cannot be copied