CSM: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon review


"You can't save your game at will, but there are enough save points interspersed throughout to make most gamers happy. While there's no online component to the game, there is two-player coop. A second player can drop-in or drop-out at any time, kind of a handy feature. But the true brilliance of Dawn of the Dragon is the mix of a taut, Hollywood-movie-like tale, fine actors, and, most importantly, exciting gameplay. You'll feel like you can fly like a dragon. You'll scale walls by using the vines that have grown there, then jump from vine to vine when the wall separates the two. You'll see elements of the recent Prince of Persia and God of War games, both great games to use as inspiration. And your jaw will drop, full of joy and wonder."

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