Nintendo isn’t offering enough with their online service

While Nintendo’s service is nearly half the price of other online gaming services, it gives you well less than half the features.

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PhoenixUp28d ago

Nintendo really should’ve taken a similar approach to what Sony did with PlayStation Plus when it first released and have it be an optional service cuz Nintendo is in no position to be requiring a subscription service.

At least then they could take fan feedback to improve NSO to make it a service that really gives bang for your buck.

JaguarEvolved28d ago

"Nintendo isn’t offering enough with their online service"

Such an understatement.

PhantomS4228d ago

It's 20 bucks, you aren't getting the world handed to you on a silver platter...

Prettygoodgamer27d ago


You aren't getting anything at all.

King_Noctis27d ago


What do you want for $20/year? For them to be your personal butler too?

Sono42127d ago

I just know I won't be getting it until Smash bros comes out, and I will cancel if the Smash online is as laggy as it is on the Wii U.

AspiringProGenji28d ago

But it’s just $20. How dare you have ask for more in 2018?

Ivar_Ragnarsson27d ago

I went from "maybe I should give it a chance" to "hell no" as soon as I read that your cloud saves get deleted if you don't renew.

blawren427d ago

What exactly did you expect? Saves reside on on your Switch as they do now, optional backup in the cloud. You still have your saves if you don't pay for the service. If you want a backup, then you pay, plain and simple. I don't understand why this is an issue for anyone. There is a very small chance that your Switch breaks while you have a laps in the online service. Are you really going to use the cloud save anyway?

Neonridr27d ago

Hopefully the service will grow as time goes on.

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