Pocket-Lint: Philips SHE9800 headphones review


"Volume levels are also good thanks to the great fit that we achieved, so you don't have to turn your iPod up to 11, you can having something in reserve for when you step onto the Tube and need a little extra. The downside of a tight fit is you do get some cable noise as it brushes around, something that is less evident with the Shure over-the-ear type cable configuration, however, in the SHE9800 this cable noise is less obvious than in the SHE9850.

At £50 these headphones represent great performance for what you pay. If you have been living with poor quality bundled headphones then this is an option seriously worth considering. Coming in cheaper than their £89 cousins the SHE9850, but rivalling their performance and having the same great design ethic, we think we've found our favourite headphones and you should put them on your Christmas list."

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