Soulja boy gets called out by 360 gamer after too much trash talking.

Looks like soulja boy has stunned the gaming world in the past couple of weeks with him calling out 360 gamers on halo 3 and saying he is %99.9 sure he will beat them.
Well the trash talking has caught up with him because he has been called out by a fellow xbox live gamer in this video

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3678d ago

This is just ridiculous now.Simple-minded xbot lemmings

BLuKhaos3678d ago

lol only on the RRODbox.

dro3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

lol, i would love to see what soulja boy is gonna do
lets see if he is all about talk but no action!!!...

hahahahahaha... XD

Dragunov3678d ago

This and gabe newell make the perfect example of the two xbot species. -The illiterate loudmouth
-The ugly pc nerd
What a bunch of sad rejects

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3678d ago

Well said my fellow Sony Sniper

3678d ago
sackboy says hi3678d ago

sackboy says soulja boy is gonna get superman in his a hole... XD

in other words he is gonna get hes a$$ beat......

hay3678d ago

This may end with beautiful humiliation.

sonarus3678d ago

This is getting out of hand...we really shouldn't be paying any attention to this clown


HAAAAAAAAAA this clowns music sucks ass.

I know he aint that good in halo3 either....hes just some kid with diarrhea in his mouth.

sh1t i would pay perview, to watch souljagirl get his ass beat.

he would probably exit game out of humiliation

Lord Vader3678d ago

LOL !!!

Like most trash talkers he's just a Freakin' n00b...

Soulja boy SUX.

[email protected]3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

What started off as friendly competition is gonna end up with somebody getting GAMED to death. I've seen it happen, personally......

Up until now I haven't been able to talk about this. I guess it's just time ya know. Here goes..... One kid I knew, lil' Timmy Thumbers, died playing Halo 3. His k/d ratio dropped and... *chokes up*....this harder than I thought. It was a...well it was a no respawn match OKAY. There I said it, you happy now?

Look can we talk about something else?

swissarmyshank3678d ago

Has anyone actually gone to Soulja Boy's Bungie page and looked at his stats? They're absolutely terrible. His K/D ratio is only .80, and his number one kill is a beat down, with the AR coming in second and sword coming in third. He's got mad skillz. I'll be looking for a headline that reads - Soulja Boy Goes Missing After Humiliation On Halo 3.

bomboclaat_gamer3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

listen what solja boy said about PS3 at 3:20 lolololol


Soulja girl aint got sh1t. If he does accept the challenge hell probably try to hire someone to play for him.....ROR gogetem ror

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u are my game slaves3678d ago

soulja boy is gonna get beat....hahahahah
damn karma is a b1tch!!!