PS5 And Xbox Scarlett Won't Necessarily Run Games At 4K/60 FPS, Says Stefano Pinna

Some developers might choose to sacrifice one or the other anyway.

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AngelicIceDiamond90d ago

Disagree considering X has already achieved that feat in some games already.

SegaGamer90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

You're living in a dream world if you think all games next gen will be 4k 60fps. You aren't getting that for a £400-£500 machine, it's just not happening. Some games will achieve it, but a lot of the biggest games won't, especially as the hardware gets older. There is a reason why games consoles are the price they are, it's because they have to make sacrifices to get the price low enough. Console CPU's just aren't good enough to maintain 4k 60fps, the graphics card is decent but those CPU's are weak and the reason why console's are as cheap as they are.

If you want 4k 60fps for every game, then you're going to need both a top quality cpu and top quality gpu, and that would drive the price of consoles up massively. Even high end PC's struggle to maintain 60fps at 4k for every game.

AngelicIceDiamond90d ago

I can see PS5 and Scarlett achieving 4k 60. Like I said the evidence is already in the X, if not then whats the point of next gen consoles?

SegaGamer90d ago

Yes, I know the Xbox One X has games at 4k 60fps, but the Xbox One X is fresh, it's new and even then it doesn't play every game with this frame rate and resolution. In time, the only way the Xbox One X will be able to maintain 4k 60fps is if they scale the graphics back a lot, which would ruin the overall look of the game. I guarantee devs give up those extra 30fps before giving up better visuals, they will want their work to actually look good on modern consoles.

What do you want, 4k 60fps for every title or a decent priced console? You can't have both. It's just not realistic to expect every game to work at 4k 60fps on the same hardware for 5+ years for £400. If you want this for an entire console generation, then it's likely you will need to pay double the price of current gen consoles or close to double the price at least.

Sam Fisher90d ago

I mean look at this gen, we all thought that 1080 60fps was going to be native, instead they jumped the fps and went for subpar or maybe native 4k 30 fps. This next gen is where im stopping and going to pc

NewMonday90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Checkerboard 4K/60fps is feasible.

the key for 60fps is more focus on CPU.

iplay1up289d ago

Forza 7 Native 4 K 60 Fps....The new Horizon 4 same thing also Who can forget Gears of War 4, 4K 60fps all of which are amazing looking and there are more... The X1X is already doing it, very well. So my Console cost $500, last year. X1X, still rivals mid to high end PCs. Sony and Microsoft, have to raise the bar. X1X has 40% more power than Pro. PS5 will have to be at least 100% more powerful than PS4, which would only make it 60% more powerful than the X. So I would say both next gen PS and Xbox should be more than capable of doing 4K 60FPS. Of coarse I have no idea what either company has in mind though. What would be the point of upgrading, if there are no real perks. One thing I want to see next Gen, is shorter load times. That would be nice. X1X does load, much faster than the S, but it would be nice to have no more than a few seconds to wait to play next gen.

dumahim89d ago

Horizon 4 offers a performance or quality mode on the X. Pretty sure it doesn't do 4k 60fps at the same time.

Cobra95189d ago

Next-gen big-2 consoles will most likely feature a Ryzen/Vega-derived APU. It should be quite a bit more capable than this gen's console hardware. Frame rate is up to design and optimization. Devs can always choose to spend the extra power on prettier still images, at a lower frame rate. But 2160p at 60 Hz should be within reach for whoever has the talent and dedication.

Of course, 1080p at 60 Hz should be cake. That's all I ever shoot for on PC.

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RabbitFly90d ago

So has the Ps4 Pro, but that is beside the point.

You are entirely missing what the article tries to get through. Having 4k and/or 60 fps is a choice that developers will have to make.

No matter how advanced the hardware gets there is always going to be a trade off and some, arguably most, developers will choose to focus their tech on something other than 4k/60.

alb189989d ago

That's what we explained about the X and why all games aren't 4K but no one agree. Now it seems acceptable because ps5 is on the same page....... people!

DarkZane89d ago

@alb1899 the PS5 will not be on the same page as the X, it's gonna be much more powerful. Considering Sony seem to be better at hardware, the PS5 is likely gonna be the most powerful next-gen console again.

Microsoft can claim they won't let Sony have the power advantage all they want, but they have no way to know. It's easy to make this kind of claim when you're releasing a year later, but when both release at the same time, my money is on Sony. They obviously didn't bother with the Pro because to them, it was just a midgen upgrade and a midgen upgrade obviously didn't matter to them as much as it did to MS.

RabbitFly89d ago


Who is we?

Before the X came out, all I saw was people claiming that all games would run at native 4K and that is why it was more powerful than the Pro.

It is more powerful, bur not to the degree that many people try to make it out to be.

CyrusLemont90d ago

It’ll be a waste of game evolution, there’s the PC landscape for the bells and whistles should you desire 60fps on everything.

Next gen shoild have a larger focus on simulation due to the lack of cpu power this gen.

If GTA VI has all buildings enterable with NPCs who have complete day and night cycles and a far more destructible environment I would take that over 60fps ANY DAY.

mkis00790d ago

I think more or less gamers are in agreement about this. Focus on something tangible that isn't an inefficient use of the power. Getting native 4k is so damn inefficient right now. Games could look so much better if that power was put towards visuals or simulation.

sprinterboy89d ago

Agreed, I wouldn't mind just staying at 1080p if it meant more destructable environment's, better physics, better AI, More buildings to enter in gta, like you said would be great etc.

BizarroUltraman90d ago

Angelic dont let these arm chair guys ruin your opinion. I agree with you. If Xbox One X can already deliver 4K/30 in many games and some at 4K/60 then its only logical that Scarlet will imrpove on that. I don't know about PS5 cause PS4 Pro can barely do dynamic 4K and most games half the performance of X.
I also think if you want that performance next gen be ready to drop $500/600 for it.

mkis00790d ago

You're missing the part where the dev's can decide to use the power that would be used for 4k for even more visuals instead. Better Graphics are one of the main points of new generations after all. Most do that instead of trying to hit native 4k. native 4k at this point is just a talking point in the "console war". Why try for 4k if 1800p with temporal injection looks just as good and saves power for visuals?

rainslacker89d ago

When you start adding in new things like better lighting, more complex texture maps, better shading, and now potentially raytracing, it's not as clear cut as think that just because the power will be higher, it'll be able to achieve 4k/60 because the x1x can do it with some games now.

Increases in game graphics from generation to generation is more than just resolution and frame rate bumps.

All the things I listed above will show a better improvement than just bumping up the resolution if the games are still being rendered in things like 1600 or 1440 or whatever.

Frame rate of course will always be up to the developer, and there are any number of reasons.why it could be lower, or variable. Some if that will have to do with maintaining resolution, other times it'll be up to what the developer feels is most important.

bluefox75590d ago (Edited 90d ago )

The part that you're not understanding is that both mid gen console are perfectly capable of 4k/60fps, that's not the point. Devs have to factor in other things as well, like how good the visuals look. In theory any game on X or pro could run at 4k/60 if the devs decreased the visuals enough. What we're seeing though is x prioritizing resolution, and pro prioritizing visuals. That's why games like gow and Spiderman look better than anything on X, despite the hardware power difference.

WhiteHawk90d ago

You clearly don’t know what the X and Pro are, they are mid gen upgrades which means they are still this gen playing this gen games, the PS5 and XBOX Whatever will be playing new gen games and every generation they push the graphics as much as they can and a little bit more resolution, NOT frame rates because they can’t do both in a cheaper system and they will always pick graphics and res over that. The only reason PC’s can have both is that you can chuck more money at the problem to overcome it.

You will have to wait till the next mid gen console update for possibly higher FPS.

Aceman1890d ago

You know devs there's nothing wrong with 1440p/60, and I have a 4k hdr OLED tv. 60 is the main thing that should be achieved across the board when it comes to next gen.

rainslacker89d ago

The option. To choose between the two works ok in games that have it now. I don't see any reason to insist on 60 when some gamers prefer resolution. Some devs may feel that Frame rate trumps.resolutiom, or vice versa, but outside of a technical reason to keep the Frame rate locked, an option is always ideal

raWfodog90d ago

I believe they're saying that it won't yet be the standard. Still a ways to go.

Wha_gwaan90d ago

You obviously don't know anything about consoles, gaming or technology if you're talking rubbish like that. GTX 1080TI is now around $650 since Nvidia announced RTX series. Even the 1080 can't do 4k 60fps consistently on every single game and that's a powerful card but you're expecting it from a $500-$600 console next gen. GTFOH and stop living in la la Land.

DarXyde89d ago

One X games are made within the parameters of this generation's titles. You're not going to get anything like a maxed out Star Citizen on X, I promise you that.

One X is impressive hardware, but your argument is like me saying "PS4 already runs The Last of Us in 1080p/60fps" when games made specifically for PS4 rarely hit both targets at once.

If you build a game for One X from the ground up to take full advantage of the hardware , well, good luck.

Rude-ro89d ago

The x is pushing Xbox One games with more makeup.
Both the pro and x have achieved 4K 60fps... but it comes down to the type of games and their assets.
In order to get the game to 720/900p on the Xbox one, assets are tweaked to reach it. Then you just throw on 40gb of 4K textures and boom.. Xbox one x games.
Most AAA Xbox one x games are dynamic resolution but the pr spins it with “reaches” 4K then just say 4K. That is on games that are barely next gen due to the limitations of the Xbox one. Yes, they look great, but it is the exact same game that is on the weaker Xbox one but with makeup.

Tazzy89d ago

A majority of those games are original Xbox or Xbox 360 games not many current gen games can run games 4k 60fps DOOM struggles none of the consoles will hit 4k 60fps for quite sometime.

dumahim89d ago

There's more to graphics than framerate and resolution. It's all a balancing act. Some may want to push more effects and more detail over framerate or a full 4k. As the one line in the preview above states: "Some developers might choose to sacrifice one or the other anyway."

Dragonscale89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

@angelic, think your gonna be disappointed tbh lol. Anyhow great graphics aren't just defined by resolution and framerate.

Godmars29089d ago

How can you say "some" and-know what? Nevermind.

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sammarshall10290d ago

Anyone who has seen multiple console generations should know that some devs will put more resources into graphics than framerate

Apocalypse Shadow90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

This. Gamers expecting 4K/60fps for every game next Gen are fooling themselves. Developers will decide what's best for their game.

If 30fps wasn't playable, it wouldn't even be an option. 60fps is preferable. But not going to happen ever time.

Captain obvious gaming bolt.

sammarshall10290d ago

True and to be honest I prefer things the way it is. Games like Uncharted 4, God of War, Spiderman etc wouldn't have looked as good visually at 60 FPS

lxeasy89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Yeah the X can do it for some games so next Gen should be a able to for many games.

rainslacker89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

And for some games that's perfectly fine. I'm one of those people that doesn't notice big performance differences in 30 and 60 fps. So I'd likely prefer resolution over frame rate. There are some exceptions, like in fast paced games, but to me, even first person shooters or third person action games are usually fine in 30 fps.

Ultimately, the better looking image is more impressive for marketin g, and high frame rate is hard to show. Which is why many developers focus on graphics

sammarshall10289d ago

Yeah it is way easier to showcase graphics over higher frames especially to those people who don't play games regularly

sammarshall10290d ago

It's good that devs have rendering methods now like checkerboarding that can save resources and still look almost identical to 4K and other native resolutions

Gardenia90d ago

That's what they probably do next gen to get as much 60 fps as possible. Still ridiculous how long we are stuck in 1080p. The technology is much slower the last few years than it was with the jump from SNES to PS1 to PS2 to PS3

Lennoxb6390d ago

The sweet spot is going to be 1440p 60fps for more demanding games.

CarlDechance90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

It would be nice if next gen consoles at least gave gamers the choice of resolutions like on PC. These performance and resolution "modes" are so limited.

Cmv3890d ago

On the ps4 end, a lot of recent games this year give you that option. Im sure this will continue next game.

blackblades90d ago

Yeah they spitting out next gen articles left and right, it's getting old.