The Lionhead Forum Of Fury - Oh dear, the official Lionhead forums have exploded into an Internet drama with unhappy fans of Fable II's co-op mode shouting in rage (or capital letters) at staff. To make matters worse, a Lionhead staff member posted a picture of handbags which further enraged the community.

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ThatCanadianGuy3706d ago

I am very disappointed in the co op.I love the single player tho.
Apart from the odd my son standing in the middle of oakfield like he's dead and not moving or saying anything..

Monchichi0253706d ago

I'm all about the single player campaign. and that my friends is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

dachiefsman3706d ago

the single player is GREAT, but the co-op was a huge selling point for the game. If I knew that it was going to be broken, I just would have rented or gamefly over purchasing. It has the worst online co-op this gen by far. Hell the co-op function on Too Human is even better.

Wow they locked the thread, and the excuse by the mod is worthless.

This might be my last time supporting lionhead.

Keele3706d ago

Just a bunch of immature brats. Every community has them.

jay23706d ago

Thats tipical Woody.

kevnb3706d ago

I really want to play this, but if it comes to pc I can wait.

sajj3163706d ago

Interesting post by TeknomanEX

Not to add fuel to the fire but...


Under the Features list:

If you go into another persons game as a guest the look of the character will be based off of your character's look. If you don't have a character of your own you'll have a generic pre-determined look to your hero

And this:

In all seriousness, they might end up reimplementing using your actual hero in someone else's co-op game. Especially if they actually have that listed at the community forums official info section with the video linked to it as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.